The One Product You Need Before You Try The '7 Skin Method'

We get it: From cushion foundations to expensive 10-step routines to peeling sleep masks, there are so many K-beauty trends it can be hard to keep up. But it's worth knowing about one more. It's called the 7 Skin Method and all it requires is one badass toner.

According to Sarah Lee, K-beauty expert and co-founder of retailer Glow Recipe, the 7 Skin Method is a technique that involves patting seven layers of toner onto your face, one right after the other, in a sitting. "The idea behind [the method] is that the moisture level of skin can be increased in an efficient and effective way without the heaviness or greasiness that may come from traditional creams and oils," Lee wrote in a blog post. The result? Dewier, firmer skin — who doesn't love that?

Ahead, Lee shares her favorite toners to do the 7 Skin Method with and we've made a handy video to help you visualize exactly what it entails. Happy toning!

If you're slapping seven layers of toner onto your face, you're going to want to reach for one that's hydrating and alcohol-free. Lee loves this one from Huxley, which contains prickly pear cactus seed extract to plump and infuse your skin with moisture. Plus, how chic will the minimalist bottle look on your bathroom counter?

Huxley Extract It Toner, $35, available at Glow Recipe.
Most toners tend to be watery to the touch, but this one is slightly more viscous, so it feels a bit more substantial as you pat it on. It contains aloe vera, chrysanthemum, and oat kernel to soothe the skin, and fermented dandelion and argan oil to brighten dullness.

Whamisa Organic Flowers Deep Rich Essence Toner, $40, available at Glow Recipe.
"Blithe's Pulp Essence has nourishing vitamin E capsules suspended in the formula that help to plump the skin from within," says Lee.

Blithe Vital Treatment Pulp Essence, $46, available at Glow Recipe.
Want to see the method in action? Watch Lee demonstrate in this video.

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