This New K-Beauty Trend Will Give You A Facial While You Sleep

The beautysphere is currently very into products with dramatic peel-off effects. For awhile, videos of women in physical pain as they peeled off their masks were circulating the internet. (This is where we remind you that your face mask should never hurt.) And, of course, there are these hypnotizing blackhead removal videos. And modeling masks are all the rage. But what about the good ol' peel that works to exfoliate and tone skin quietly and without any special effects? It deserves some love again, too.
Despite the fact that most peels on the market have come a long way and won't leave you red and stripped, something about the word invokes a little fear in those of us with sensitive skin. Particularly when 'peel' is combined with 'sleeping mask.' But this overnight treatment from K-beauty brand Make P:rem claims to brighten and resurface while nourishing.
But why not just go for a quick peel before bed followed by a rich cream? Because cells naturally go through a renewal process while you sleep, working overtime to repair damage accumulated from the day. Since your skin is at its most active, it's more receptive to products, which means you'll get your best resurfacing, brightening benefits. However, as a result of all this activity, skin loses up to 25% more moisture at night than during the day, which is why sleeping masks should also be mega-hydrating.
This one is a lightweight gel that's the color of the water in Turks & Caicos, but goes on clear and cools skin instantly. (It feels like it'd make a great post-sunburn treatment, if only it weren't exfoliating.) Since it's a gel, it sinks in quickly — you can't feel any residue, meaning your pillow won't either. It uses lactobionic acid, a chemical exfoliator that works like AHAs and BHAs but with less irritation, along with radish root ferment, turmeric, pearl, and henna to moisturize and provide antioxidant benefits.
Come morning, when I rinsed my face, I immediately noticed how much smoother my skin felt — I couldn’t stop stroking it! Plus, it looked like my skin had been inflated (thanks to the added hyaluronic acid pumping it full of water), which made all the creases flatten. My foundation sat so much better on top of it, which was an added bonus I wasn’t expecting. Basically, I woke up prettier than when I went to bed, and that is a miracle I definitely want to keep happening.
Make P:rem Radiance Peeling Sleeping Pack, $44 available at Glow Recipe.
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