10 Editor-Approved Tutorials To Break Down Contouring Once And For All

Another day, another way to contour — amirite? Over the past few years, dozens of unique, and sometimes bizarre, methods have made the rounds online. There's clown contouring, lip contouring, heck, even boob contouring exists. Oh, and don't forget about the anti-contouring trend, strobing. In case you're not familiar, it calls upon highlighter to bring certain features forward, rather than sculpting products, which fake shadows to send features back, creating the chiseled effect.

Needless to say, some of these techniques are more feasible than others. The idea of sculpting your face like Kim K. can be overwhelming, so we're here to help with the basics. Contouring is an art in and of itself, but these tutorials help simplify it using a few simple techniques.

Click through our slideshow for a few videos that will make contouring easier than you thought.

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Contouring powders have become some of the most ubiquitous sculpting tools, but that doesn't mean other finishes won't do the trick. Here we tried contouring with foundation which results in a natural and evenly-blended finish.
modeled by Landon Peoples.
Nose contouring isn't for everybody, but if you do want to try it, dust contouring powder down the sides of your nose to instantly shape.
The long-lasting contouring technique called baking surged in popularity last year. Want to try your hand at it? After you apply your foundation, add a thick layer of light-colored powder with a sponge or puff under the eyes (you can do it on other areas that need extra-coverage, or places where makeup doesn't last as long, too). Leave it on the skin to “cook” for 10 to 30 minutes, then sweep it away with a fluffy brush.
Similar to clown contouring, this method involves drawing shapes onto your face using cream contour, highlighter, and blush. Once the products are blended with a damp makeup sponge, you'll be left with a dewy, contoured complexion.
This everyday glam look showcases two of our favorite contouring techniques: powder contouring and baking. It goes fast, so you may have to watch it a few times to master the technique.
If you're not into traditional contouring, try strobing instead. The technique involves using highlight to emphasize your features rather than creating shadows with bronzers and sculpting powders.
modeled by Alexandra Ambrosio; produced by Angela Sumner.
Simply apply an iridescent highlighter to the bridge of your nose, inner corners of your eyes, and cheekbones for an all-over glow.
Your face isn't the only place that can be contoured. Your breasts can be, too, and celebs are all over it. While the technique is by no means essential, a bit of bronzer and sculpting powder can give your décolleté a bit more color while subtly enhancing your cleavage.
Eyebrows are another popular contouring area. Tapping a lighter hue onto your brow bone and around your brows will give them a sharper and more defined appearance.
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