Constellation Piercings Were One Of The Biggest Pinterest Trends Of The Year

The only thing millennials love more than getting text notifications from horoscope apps, podcasts about the grifter du jour, and Timothée Chalamet are piercings. But not just any piercing — we're talking about constellation piercings.

Not unlike the astronomical origins from which the trend gets its name, constellation piercings are a group of multiple piercings, normally three or more, that create unique patterns and shapes on the ear. The trend itself has been around for years, specifically seen as a signature style in New York piercing haven, Maria Tash, and L.A.'s Body Electric thanks to celebrity piercer Brian Keith Thompson. But it wasn't until 2016 that seemingly the entire world — inside and outside the piercing community — recognized the curated piercing combinations by the starry term.


No two constellation piercings look exactly the same, so the possibilities are endless. Just in case you're looking to add another hole to your growing cluster, keep clicking for the most inspiring constellation piercings out there.

A high-and-low lobe placement blends seamlessly when anchored by two matching hoops.
Put your next trinity of jewelry on the conch for a flash of silver no one will expect.
Just getting in on the constellation trend? Start out with a trio of studs on your lobe — it's the quickest way to liven up the first piercing you got in middle school.
A curated ear doesn't always require several new piercings. Some piercers, like Thompson, look at the whole ear when designing your constellation, so all it might take is swapping out old jewelry and adding one or two holes to achieve the right look.
If you've already got the entirety of your lobe pierced, add an infinity hoop on the rook for some extra drama.
Ben Tauber, piercer at New York's Maria Tash, refers to this spot as the "Tash rook." It was practically made for tiny gold studs.
Orbital piercings make a funky addition and pretty contrast to your tragus and lobe piercings.
You'll never catch Hailey Bieber without her multiple piercings — although she prefers matching hoops over studs.
Even Lili Reinhart, of good-girl Riverdale fame, is a fan of the edgy trend, boasting several lobe piercings of her own.
Having a low pain tolerance shouldn't stop you from decorating your ear as much as you'd like. If you're not feeling up for a cartilage piercing, opt for a string of holes that stretch from the lowest part of your lobe to your conch.
Lobe rings don't have to be the same size. In fact, the trend looks even cooler when the rings ascend from biggest to smallest.
Request a vertical piercing on your "Tash rook" the next time you feel like your ear is a little naked.
The forward helix is often overlooked, but yes, you can pierce it. Thompson opted to stack several studs on this client's ears for a sparkly effect.
Although the tragus takes some extra time to heal (think about how often you use your AirPods), this linear look is too pretty to pass up.
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