9 Easy Tutorials That Will Instantly Upgrade Your Cat-Eye Game

What do Marilyn Monroe, Alexa Chung, and Ariana Grande have in common? They've made their beauty trademark the humble cat-eye. While certainly not new, the technique is ubiquitous for a good reason: Not only does the simple wing instantly perk up any face shape by drawing the eye upward, it gives a subtle nod to vintage beauty techniques.

Whether you’re partial to itty bitty kitten flicks or thick, mod ones, many of us have a routine when it comes to our liner. While there’s nothing wrong with falling back on tried-and-true techniques, sometimes it’s fun to mix things up — especially if that comes in the form of a new color or product.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up three cat-eye liner techniques that will blow your go-to's out of the water.

Photo: Via @byjeannine.
The Trick: Go Smudgy

When you think of cat-eye liner, chances are your mind immediately goes to crisp, clean wings. While we're all for precision, diffused flicks can have a softer, fresh effect. Think of the look as the happy marriage between a cat-eye and smoky eye. Plus, it's easy...
This look is a breeze to achieve with a little eyeshadow and an angled liner brush, but we're also fans of using eyeliner pencil or gel to mimic the effect. Simply trace your cat-eye shape and gently smudge out your lines with an eyeshadow brush. Bonus: Top with liquid liner just at the base for more structure and depth.
modeled by Tasheena Sackes-Bramble.
Eyeliner isn't the only tool you can use to create killer cat-eyes — eyeshadow works wonders, too. Simply pat gray eyeshadow onto your lids, winging out the color as you go. Then, tap some black pigment on top to intensify the color.
modeled by Linda Hamouie.
Want to spice things up? Just add glitter.
Photo: Via @nikkietutorials.
The Trick: Make It Metallic

Liquid eyeliners and pencils aren't the only tools you can use to craft a killer cat-eye. We're partial to using metallic shadows to pop the lid, which delivers a little more punch to your winged-out look. Case in point: This cat-eye by YouTuber NikkieTutorials.
Using a bronze, cream eyeshadow, paint a graphic shape onto your lid and slightly wing out the outer corners. Voilà, instant edge.
Looking for something a little more advanced? Try this burnt orange metallic eye.
Photo: Via @lilit_style.
The Trick: Get Graphic

We love itty bitty flicks just as much as the next person, but there's a special place in our hearts for thick, graphic wings.
This playful take on a graphic eye calls upon one of our favorite trends: negative space. Delicately outline a triangle just under the arch of your eyebrow. (You'll be leaving this area blank.) Once you're done, it should look like a missing pie slice in your look.
Grab some eyeliner or eyeshadow and draw your wings all the way into your crease, then fill in your entire lid so that the color is totally opaque.
Photo: Via @laur_elyse.
The Trick: Try It In Technicolor

Sure, black and brown might be your cat-eye go-to's, but for a party or special occasion we recommend pulling out a few bold colors à la beauty blogger Lauren Leonard. Because, why the heck not?
Think of your eyelid as a canvas. Using pigmented cream shadows, trace lines onto your lids in a cat-eye shape. Be sure to keep them crisp so the look comes of as polished.
modeled by Claire Fontanetta.
Not into rainbow liner? We feel you. Ease into it with a two-toned look like the one in this video.
modeled by Rene Askew.
...Or give gold liner a spin.
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