These Are The Fragrances To Wear To Feel Classy As Hell

Photo: Harry Langdon/Getty Images.
We'd be lying if we said we never attempted to channel Marilyn Monroe on an anticipated first date or Grace Kelly on an important job interview. These iconic women, and many others, are the epitome of style and poise — and we'd kill for just a bit of their magic. But sometimes, it takes more than a red lip or big waves to do the trick. So we decided to get personal.
Since we can't afford their dresses and shoes at auction, we went for their signature scents. The concept is a bit outdated in 2017 — we fall in love with a new fragrance every month — but it's hard to deny the power of a signature anything. It becomes you. It makes people remember you.
So, for one week, R29 staffers wore the go-to fragrances of some of the most famous women in Hollywood history — and things got interesting. Ahead, see what happened when we started smelling like stars — at the office, on the subway, and, yes, even in bed.

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