10 Just-Right Straw Hats That Are Not Too Big (Or Too Small)

Ah, weekends. It's the perfect time to shimmy out of your sweatpants (and into a breezy dress) to seek out some sun. But, wait, before you get too cozy on your picnic blanket, you'll want to make sure the most important accessory of summer is crowning your precious noggin: yep, a hat. Not only do brimmed straw hats keep us cool, but they also protect our heads from damaging UV-rays. Brimmed straw hats are the light, airy, breathable, and natural route for seeking maximum shade radius. Also, brimmed straw hats are cute.

Unfortunately, finding the ideal style isn't so simple. Many readily available options tend to fall into one of two camps: a stiff Panama hat or a ludicrously floppy situation that's most suitable for a Bella Hadid Instagram photo opp (OK, maybe not that oversized but you get the idea). We shouldn't have to sacrifice aesthetics to create a safe shady spot for our faces. So, we made it our mission to find the perfect medium. And, that's something that looks a little more modern but still feels effortless while practicing good fashion safety.


For your upcoming days off — whether they be at the park, on a beach, or with a giant inflatable sprinkler in your backyard — the ten options ahead are sure to top off the sunny times.

J.Crew Wide Fringe Straw Hat$69.50 $49.99 Buy
Mango Openwork Details Straw Hat$39.99 $25.99 Buy
wyeth Piper Trimmed Visor$48.00 Buy
Brixton Joanna Straw Hat$55.00 Buy
African Heritage GH Beach Hat$45.00 $40.50 Buy
H&M Straw Hat$17.99 Buy
Sensi Studio Classic Toquilla Straw Panama Hat$170.00 Buy
& Other Stories Straw Bucket Hat$39.00 Buy
Esenshel Pinch Oval Brim Hat$355.00 Buy
Magid Paper Straw Bucket Sun Hat$14.97 Buy
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