The Best Commuter Bikes To Buy Online (While They’re Still In Stock)

Back in March, puzzles took on an unexpected allure (becoming nearly as hard to find as toilet paper) when we were all suddenly asked to stay home. And now, as states begin to lift restrictions and non-essential workers head back to work, we're starting to see a similar shopping trend with bikes.

Getting out of the house while avoiding public transportation, and, for some people, getting to work with minimal contact, is now affording bike riding a refreshed appeal. The classic alternative commuting vehicle provides a huge level of freedom of movement while still maintaining socially-distant safety precautions. This means that if you've been thinking about investing in a bike, even if you aren't going back into your office for a few months, now is a great time to pull the purchase trigger. Not only will you be able to rely on it for weekend adventures and errands, but you'll also be securing one for your future commutes while they're still in stock — because currently, these goods are selling out like those proverbial hotcakes we're always hearing about.


While many affordable commuter and hybrid options are already out of stock, we were able to hunt down nine top-rated bikes that are still available to carry you through the workweek to the weekend and beyond. Whether your commute is a few relatively flat blocks or several miles of hilly terrain, be sure to wear a helmet and research your area's bike laws before hitting the road. Scroll on to find the riding style that's best suited for you.

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Brooklyn Bicycle Co. Wythe Fixie Bike

Best For: Carrying Up & Down Stairs
This lightweight Fixie-framed bike is born in Brooklyn and bred for easy up-and-down stairs access pre and post all your riding adventures.

Good To Know: While all of Brooklyn Bicycle Co.'s bikes are currently sold out, this model is the only one available for pre-order in the U.S. for its upcoming summer restock.

What Happy Bikders Say: "My Wythe is the perfect marriage of style and substance. I've used it every day on my office commute since I got it home and couldn’t be happier. Beautiful looking bike with an equally smooth ride. I Can't forget to mention how incredibly attentive Ryan and the staff were throughout the process. First-class experience from beginning to end."
Brooklyn Bicycle Co. Wythe Fixie Bike, $499.99 Buy

FIIDO D2S Folding EBike

Best For: Small Offices
If you don't have available street space or room in your office or home to store a bike, you might feel like the bike-to-work option is closed to you. This foldable electronic bike, however, can go in a small utility closet or even under a desk during the day.

Good To Know: This might not be a great bike if you also want to bike for fun on the weekends, but if you primarily want to get to and from your workplace without much huffing and puffing, this is a great option.

What Happy Bikers Say: "It is a solid, well-made bike. The motor is plenty strong and the battery sufficient... It made it possible for me to run errands again on a bike. I'm very satisfied with this bike and I do recommend it!"
Fiido D2S Folding EBike, $599.99 Buy

Co-op Cycles CTY 2.1 Bike

Best For: All-Purpose Biking
This hybrid bike is designed to take you to work, but can also comfortably handle longer weekend rides on paved or gravel paths. Features like hydraulic disk brakes and shock absorbers help it navigate potholes and bumpy rounds with ease.

Good To Know: Co-Op is REI's store brand and offers value-driven options that still meet their standards.

What Happy Bikers Say: "I’ve had this bike for a month. I use it for my short commute to work every day. It is perfect for the mix of potholed streets and gravel trail... I’ve taken a couple of longer rides with it also and it was comfortable and responsive."
Co-op Cycles CTY 2.1 Bike, $749.00 Buy

sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's Step-Through Hybrid Beach Cruise

Best For: Comfortable Commutes
If you want an easy ride to work look no further: This beach cruiser-style electronic bike lets you sit up straight and has a motor for assists on hills. You won't have to worry about arriving at work sweaty. While this won't take you off-roading, the bike will also handle well on weekend errands and adventures.

Good To Know: A rear rack gives you a spot to store lunch, work supplies, and more.

What Happy Bikers Say: "As a college student who relies on biking as a means of transportation, I was originally skeptical of riding a cruiser-style hybrid bike for an extensive milage on busy streets, but I can happily say that this bike is the best commuter bike I've ridden. The seat is extremely comfortable, the comfortable handlebars allow for smooth turns and the brakes are naturally positioned for those quick (and sometimes scary) stops, and the 7-speed gear shifts handle steep hills like a charm. The miles seem to fly by with this bike."
sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's Step-Through Hybrid Cruiser, $1749.99 Buy

Schwinn Sycamore Electric 8-Speed Mountain/Hybrid Bicycle

Best For: Long Commutes
If you are worried you are a bit far to make a morning commute by bike (or are too far to bike it without arriving sweaty and rumpled), this electronic bike from Schwinn is a great option. Choose from five different levels of pedal assists, and eight speeds, and travel as fast as 20 mph. You can pedal as hard (or as little) as you want to on your commute.

Good to Know: A display by the handlebars lets you know how fast you're going.

What Happy Bikers Say: "I would recommend this to anyone looking for a solid, well-performing durable ebike for their commute or for leisure. It's a great ride and investment will save you on gas (and improve your health) in the long run, and is built to a standard that exceed[s] expectations."
Schwinn Sycamore Electric 8-Speed Mountain/Hybrid Bike, $1399.00 Buy

Mongoose Impasse Mountain Bike

Best For: Rough Terrains
If you aren't a city dweller and biking on back roads is your preferred method of transportation, this under-$400 mountain bike has you and your budget covered — with an aluminum suspension frame and 21-speed Shimano rear derailer for increased comfort on bumpy terrain.

Good to Know: Will be back in stock on June 16 but is available for pre-order now.

What Happy Bikers Say: "This is one of the best bikes that I have ever owned. Everything about the bike that was advertised is true, and although I have made a couple of adjustments, like the seat, it is only to personal taste (and for my rear, the seats that come with these bikes for me are just very uncomfortable). Anyway, with a couple of adjustments by a bike professional, I am very happy with it and have put over 1000 miles on it in the last one and a half months. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a mountain bike."
Mongoose Impasse Mountain Bike, 18-inch Frame, 29-inch Wheels wi, $439.99 $346.78 Buy

Vitus Dee 29 City Bike

Best For: City Biking On A Budget
This is a great under-$500 option that still has many of the features that you'd want in a city bike: big, stable wheels, responsive breaks, and a smooth ride. Also great for weekend adventures and other short rides.

Good to Know: You'll need to add on pedals to the bike. Wiggle sells pedals starting at $30.

What Happy Bikers Say: "As a short-haul commuter, town bike, weekend bike for riding with the kids or down to the pub you would be hard pushed to find better for this amount of money."
Vitus Dee 29 City Bike, $399.00 Buy

Prioirty Classic Plus

Best For: Low Maintenance
Designed with city dwellers in mind, these light-weight, attractive bikes have another great feature: They're designed to need less routine maintenance, which is music to the ears of anyone who doesn't have a car or easy access to a local bike shop. If you don't have a car and will rely on your bike as your main form of transportation, this is a great option. At only 25 lbs, it's also easy to haul up the stairs and store.

Good To Know: While the Classic doesn't offer gear shift, other Priority bike models do.
Priority Bicycles Classic Plus - Gotham Edition, $549.00 Buy

FX 1 Stagger Disc

Best For: All-Terrain Commutes
If your bike to work involves trails, hills, or just rough terrain, look no further than this bike. It's great for exercise as well as commutes and is a good value-driven option.

Good To Know: It also comes in a bright yellow "volt" color if you want to make a statement.

What Happy Bikders Say: "This is a very comfortable and smooth ride. It's a very lightweight bike but can still ride over small bumps in the road. So glad I chose this bike!"
Trek FX 1 Stagger Disc, $549.99 Buy
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