These Are The Couples Who Got Together On Bachelor In Paradise Season 6

The time for love and sand and surf is over. Now, the contestants on Bachelor In Paradise must go back to their real lives — jobs, family, friends — and somehow find a way to fit whomever they met in Paradise into all that. Or not! We're not here to judge, but is a few weeks of time on a beach enough time to know that you want to spend the rest of your life with a person? The Bachelor In Paradise filming schedule is even shorter than The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, so man, do you really have to be sure of who you want to bring home or not. And that only partially judgy sentiment brings us to which couples got together on Bachelor In Paradise season 6. If you tuned out earlier in the season, just know there are a few surprises in the bunch.

Once upon a time, Bachelor In Paradise season 6 opened with a lot of drama; namely, Blake Horstmann hooked up with Kristina Schulman and Caelynn Miller-Keyes at Stagecoach, Bachelor Nation's music festival of choice, and later flew to Alabama to see Hannah Godwin. He neglected to tell any of the women about the others, and this whole drama overshadowed virtually everything else that was happening for the first few episodes.


In hindsight, Blake's drama was probably a good thing for the couples who weren't involved (and for one couple that was very involved), because they got to spend lots of time getting to know one another. But eventually, as it always does, the dust settled, and the remaining couples on Bachelor In Paradise had to decide to leave together, with a Neil Lane ring in hand, or apart, back to normalcy and some heavy Instagram sponsorships. Let’s see where everyone landed.

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Kristian Haggerty & Demi Burnett

Bachelor Nation’s very first same-sex couple, Kristian and Demi, are engaged! Demi’s journey from Colton’s season of The Bachelor to Bachelor In Paradise has been a real joy to watch. She’s grown so much, and one has to think that meeting and locking things down with Kristian has helped.

"I know that I can't see myself without her," Demi said, remarking that she is nervous about messing it all up. Aren't we all, Demi? But as soon as Kristian said that Demi had "changed her life forever," we all had to know it was on. Proposal, engaged, let's do this! Demi is so happy with Kristian (and vice versa), and these two crazy kids are going the distance.
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Katie Morton & Chris Bukowski

Chris has been on roughly 78,000 Bachelor shows, so it’s great that he found Katie on Bachelor In Paradise season 6.

"Katie is unbelievable... and I'm in love with Katie. This has been a seven year rollercoaster ride... and I want to make sure I'm making the right decision," Chris told cameras before his last meeting with Katie. But he then said he would only know "in the moment" if he wanted to proposed. Oh, boy.

At first, Chris was all, "the way we got here is insane," which didn't bode well, but then, Chris did the whole "you make me feel like myself" speech, and bam — he proposed! (Katie, for the record, told Chris she could "picture a life" with him, and it was nice. She sobbed, too.) Katie and Chris are engaged! Let's hope these two stick the landing, because Chris, please don’t end up on another Bachelor show. It’s too much.
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Dylan Barbour & Hannah Godwin

Hannah got Blake out of her system quick, and she went “all in” with Dylan fast. It’s a good thing, because these two are totally engaged, and they’re going to live happily ever after and have adorable doe-eyed babies. (They even talked about having babies before they went into the Fantasy Suite, so perhaps that'll come up sooner than we thought.)

On the finale, Hannah said that she didn't know the kind of love she has with Dylan existed before she met him, and Dylan said he would never give up on their relationship. So sweet! There was a little bit about being Hannah burned before, but ultimately, Dylan promised to go right then and there to meet Hannah's family, and it all worked out. These sweeties are set for life.
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John Paul Jones & Tayshia Adams

Never have I ever thought that John Paul Jones had a serious side, because on Hannah’s season of The Bachelorette, he was all Speedos and fun, all the time. But Tayshia brings out JPJ’s tender side, and even though they did spend some time apart after Paradise, today, JPJ and Tayshia are together (dating, but not engaged) and better than ever.
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Whitney Fransway & Connor Saeli

This is the most non-story story of Bachelor In Paradise season 6, but it’s a good one. Connor gets dumped. He waits for Whitney. She doesn’t show up. He leaves Paradise. She shows up. She goes to his hotel room. They live happily ever after. Who doesn’t love that kind of relationship efficiency? Connor and Whitney are still dating, and as Connor posted on Twitter, he doesn’t care how it all happened because it all worked out in the end. Cute.

Dean Unglert & Caelynn Miller-Keyes

As you probably know by now, Caelynn dumped Connor for Dean when Van Boy came back to Paradise for her. The duo are still together (Dean planted a few kisses on Caelynn as she confronted Blake Horstmann during the Bachelor in Paradise finale) and as it turns out, she really likes the van! Truly!
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What kind of couples will Bachelor In Paradise season 7 bring? We have a whole year to wait and wonder (and maybe watch for breakups in the meantime).
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