How Old Is The Cast Of Bachelor In Paradise?

Suns out, buns out! Bachelor in Paradise is back, baby. The wacky second cousin of the Bachelor Nation franchises is back for the sixth season of engagements, awkward moments, and beachfront views. If you’ve been watching the drama happen between Blake, Caelynn, Hannah G, Tayshia, and Kristina, you probably already know this is, actually, the most dramatic season ever (it’s fine if you say it this time, Chris Harrison). But what you may not know is exactly how old the contestants getting into the seriously messy drama are.

You can find love at any age, and the Bachelor in Paradise cast is here to show us you can find drama at any age as well — and some of the most dramatic characters this season are not the 20-somethings. Those 30-somethings can rock a scandal on the beach just as well.


Ahead, get the scoop on how old your favorite (and least favorite) BiP contestants are. Can you guess who’s the oldest, who’s the baby, and who just straight up isn’t acting their age?

Demi Burnett: Age 24

Demi already spilled that she's got a relationship outside of Paradise, and things are going to get dramatic when that person finally arrives on the beach, per the trailers.

John Paul Jones: Age 24

John Paul Jones may seem older than his 24 years, but he’s still got that young guy aloof attitude.

Caelynn Miller-Keyes: Age 24

Caelynn is at the center of this season’s shocking drama with Blake Horstmann, but will she find the man of her dreams?

Onyeka Ehie: Age 25

Onyeka stans know that the truth will always be told when she’s around, and this season there are plenty of BiP contestants who could use her help.

Hannah Godwin: Age 24

Everyone wants to date Hannah Godwin, but who does she want to date?

Tayshia Adams: Age 28

Tayshia is poised, gorgeous, successful and wants someone who has a “little bit more life experience, someone who really knows who they are.”

Cam Ayala: Age 30

You’re excused for thinking that Cam is much younger, given his sophomoric sense of humor.

Bibiana Julian: Age 31

Bibiana Julian is a beloved Bachelor Nation treasure, and as much as she deserves to find love, she should stay on TV screens forever.

Blake Horstmann: Age 30

Blake has already stirred the drama pot on the show — now, it’s just a matter of seeing who, if anyone, is still on his team.

Clay Harbor: Age 32

Clay the teddy bear is back, and I am available to take his call if he doesn’t find love on BiP.

Nicole Lopez-Alvar: Age 26

Nicole didn’t find love with Colton Underwood, but it looks like she’s got her eyes on Clay Harbor down in Mexico.

Kevin Fortenberry: Age 27

This proud Army National Guard member wouldn’t miss Bachelor in Paradise for the world.

Wills Reid: Age 29

Wills puts the floral suit in the Bachelor in Paradise suitor.

Katie Morton: Age 26

Fan favorite Katie Morton is one of the funniest, most honest contestants on the show this season.

Derek Peth: Age 31

Derek Peth may never leave the Bachelor franchise TV shows — or date anyone outside the former contestant hot tub.

Chris Bukowski: Age 32

Chris Bukowski is going to be on the first season of The Golden Bachelor.

Sydney Lotuaco: Age 27

If Sydney doesn’t find the love she’s looking for, she has no problems heading right back home.

Annaliese Puccini: Age 34

Annaliese is one of the Bachelor franchise’s over-30 women, giving 1980s-born babes a reason to believe in love.
Photo: John Fleenor/ABC.

Jane Averbukh: Age 26

It’s okay if you don’t remember Jane — Colton sent her home on the first night, but she’s on Paradise to make a bigger first impression.

Dylan Barbour: Age 24

Dylan would like everyone to know that he has his sights set on Hannah Godwin, even if Hannah doesn’t quite have her eyes set on him.

Kristina Schulman: Age 26

Already shaking the Bachelor in Paradise drama martini, Schulman is a known “tea-spiller.”

Mike Johnson: Age 31

As one of the elders, Mike is good Bachelor in Paradise material — after all, who doesn’t want a man with maturity and emotional intelligence?

Jordan Kimball: Age 27

Jordan Kimball is looking for love again after Jenna Cooper threw his heart into the Gulf of Mexico.

Haley Ferguson: Age 26

Haley, one half of the Ferguson twins, is back, sans her identical twin sister Emily, who is also 26. Because they are twins. Did you forget that Haley has a twin sister? Because she totally has a twin.

Luke Stone: Age 29

Luke S. is back, bringing his oddly non-threatening nature and fake tequila brand to Paradise.

Dean Unglert: Age 28

Dean Unglert: proof that mustache experimentation can happen at any age.

Christian Estrada: Age 29

Christian isn't someone you likely remember from Becca's season of The Bachelorette, but if you have the memory of Jordan Kimball's Men Tell All roast, you might start to recall the ex-soccer player who stood up to him and got his "high water" pants thrown back in his face.

Caitlin Clemmens: Age 26

You know Caitlin from Colton Underwood's season. She was the only who made an uncomfortable joke about Colton's virginity using a cherry red balloon.

Jen Saviano: Age 29

Jen was 26 when she appeared on Ben Higgins' Bachelor season, which makes her 29 for her second appearance in Paradise.

Tahzjuan Hawkins: Age 25

Tahzjuan was eliminated on night one of Colton's season, so when she arrived on the beach, she didn't have many existing friendships to lean on.

Connor Saeli: Age 24

Connor S. was the nice guy on Hannah Brown's Bachelorette season who missed out his chance with Hannah by hanging back. He did have a sweet date with her, during which he left her love notes, so we know he'll be a romantic addition to Paradise.

Angela Amezcua: Age 29

Clay's ex, and a Bachelor in Paradise alum, showed up late in the season to shake things up.

Matt Donald: Age 26

Surprising that a man who is 26 years old is so afraid to be seen kissing a woman he's dating, but alas, reality TV makes different people react in different ways.

Luke Stone: Age 29

He's known for a fight on The Bachelorette, but in reality, he's one of the older contestants on the beach.

Bri Barnes: Age 24

Bri is the woman who pretended to have an accent on The Bachelor last season. In Paradise, she'll have to figure out a way to stand out, since she arrived on the beach so late.

Revian Chang: Age 24

You may not remember Revian, because she went home night one on Colton's Bachelor season.

Whitney Fransway: Age 28

Whitney was on Nick Viall's Bachelor season and met Connor at Krystal and Chris' Bachelor in Paradise wedding. They seem to have hit it off.
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