A Running List Of Who Is Still On Bachelor In Paradise Season 6

It's relatively easy to remember who is left on a given season of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette. Do you actually remember their first name? Does their face look at least sorta familiar? They're probably still around. On Bachelor in Paradise, however, the cast is made up of almost entirely familiar faces and names you kinda-sorta remember. Plus, with everyone dating each other and rose ceremonies happening in the middle of episodes, while bombastic drama assumes the cliffhanger spot, it's a bit tougher to keep track.

If the original series are the straight-forward, linear paths to love, Paradise is the wild west. Each week, new recruits appear on the beach with their own priorities and aims. They couple, uncouple, and recouple over and over as some folks go home and new contestants appear in their places. It's a lot to keep track of.


So we'll be right here, each week, noting who stays and goes. If you ever find yourself a little confused as to who is still left on Bachelor in Paradise, and who went home while you were in the kitchen getting another glass of rosé and popping some more popcorn, we've got you.

This is who left the beach early, and who's still hoping for their own Jade and Tanner love story.

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Clay Harbour — Still On Paradise

Clay, from Becca's Bachelorette season, came to the beach hoping to find love after breaking up with his ex, another BIP alum. Annaleise tried to stir the pot and suggest he was back in the game far too soon after his breakup, but that didn't seem to stop Nicole from pursuing him.
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Nicole Lopez-Alvar — Still On Paradise

Despite a truly terrible intro package that tries to paint her as the "girl who cries all the time," Nicole seems to be setting herself up for success in Paradise by being open to what comes and keeping her head out of the drama.
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Sydney Lotuaco — Still On Paradise

Sydney, who dumped Colton on his season of The Bachelor about midway through the "journey," has always been a bit of an analytical contestant. On BIP, she seems to continue that streak, which saves her from crushing too hard on this season's fuckboi, Blake.
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Blake Horstmann — Still On Paradise

For some reason, every woman in Paradise has a thing for this guy. I get that he got his heart broken on The Bachelorette, but he seems just... fine. Plus, he apparently hooked up with everyone in Bachelor Nation before trying to run his "finally ready for love" routine on national TV. This is gonna be intense.
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Tayshia Adams — Still On Paradise

Tayshia, also known as one of the absolute best contestants from Colton's Bachelor season, is back to look for the Tanner to her Jade. Unfortunately for her, she first sets her sights on Blake, who by all accounts, seems to be a total nightmare waiting to happen.
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Caelynn Miller-Keyes — Left Paradise With Dean Unglert

Caelynn from Colton's season of the Bachelor has always found herself at the center of drama. Yet again, her storyline is all drama because, as it turns out, she's the messenger sent to spread the gospel of Blake being The Worst.
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John Paul Jones — Still On Paradise

We literally don't know much about John Paul Jones, except that his name is super fun to say. But he was a fan favorite from Hannah's Bachelorette season, so let's all just see how this goes.
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Katie Morton — Still On Paradise

She got her own intro package this season on Paradise, but unfortunately, it kinda made her look a little looney (there were crime boards involved). From what we've seen so far though, Katie seems like a chill, normal person doing the same thing everyone else is doing in Paradise: looking for love.
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Derek Peth — Still On Paradise

Derek Peth, who once dated Stephanie Pratt and was formerly engaged to fellow Bachelor in Paradise alum Taylor Nolan, is on the prowl this season. And according to the trailers, that prowl might just end with his own tears.
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Chris Bukowski — Still On Paradise

Despite formally retiring from reality TV just a few years ago, Chris changed his mind and decided to come back to Paradise. He says he's ready to be married and decided that after so many couples formed on Paradise, it must be worth another shot.
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Kristina Schulman — Still On Paradise

She had a truly awful run on her first season of Paradise back in 2018, during which Dean Unglert broke her heart by jumping back and forth between her and another contestant, but Kristina seems determined to have a better go this time. Unfortunately, her journey starts with Blake, who seems to be the Dean of season 6.
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Dylan Barbour — Still On Paradise

Sweet, sweet Dylan from Hannah's season of The Bachelorette never got much screen time while he was pursuing Hannah Beast. However, he seems primed to be a true prince among fuckbois in Paradise.
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Hannah Godwin — Still On Paradise

I'm pretty sure Hannah G. will stick around for all of season 6. From the moment she stepped onto the beach, she's had men fawning all over her. She'll do just fine.

Old Matt Donald — Still On Paradise

The man apparently doesn't want to kiss anyone on national television (not sure how he got on this show or Hannah's Bachelorette season before that), so I can't imagine he'll be around for long.

Chase McNary — Still On Paradise

Chase from Jojo Fletcher's Bachelorette season, showed up right at the end to give the still single ladies some hope for a new spark.

Luke Stone — Still On Paradise

The guy who fought with the other Luke (Parker) on Hannah's Bachelorette season came to Paradise in hopes of people forgetting that he looks like Nick Viall.

Bri Barnes — Still on Paradise

Bri went by Brianna when she was on Colton's season. She left early on then, only to show up on Paradise and entire the web of Blake's ladies.

Connor Saeli — Left Paradise... Sort Of

Connor came in during Chris and Krystal's wedding and immediately had interest in Caelynn. When she dumped him for Dean, he was bummed. And when Whitney, his next prospect, doesn't show up right away, he leaves the beach. But he technically still got Whitney's date card later, so it's unclear what that all means.

Angela Amezcua — Still On Paradise

Angela rocked the beach when she came back to Paradise. Not only is she Clay's ex, but it seemed abundantly clear that she wasn't over the ex-NFL player. Drama ensued from the moment she arrived, naturally.

Mike Johnson — ELIMINATED

He stirred the hearts of Bachelor Nation throughout Hannah Brown's Bachelorette season and the reaction was no different when he arrived on the beach. Literally every woman was swooning and not a soul could blame them. Until the end, when Mike was sent home. How? Who's to say.

Jen Saviano — ELIMINATED

Jen had a rough time on Bachelor in Paradise the first time, being dumped by Nick Viall moments before he went off and became The Bachelor. This time, she walked right into a love triangle between Chris Bukowski and Katie Morton and Chris chose Katie.
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Kevin Fortenberry — ELIMINATED On Paradise

Apparently, Kevin worked out very intensely before landing on the beach in Paradise. Unfortunately that didn't translate to a rose in the second rose ceremony of the season and he was sent home.
Photo: Courtesy of ABC.

Cam Ayala — ELIMINATED on Paradise

Of course Cam is in Paradise, and of course he still says "ABC" (Always Be Cam) and of course he showed up on day one in a leopard print shirt. Unfortunately, that didn't win him any points with the ladies and he was eliminated in episode 5.
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Wills Reid — ELIMINATED On Paradise

Wills went to Paradise after leaving Becca's Bachelorette season and struck out on the beach. But that didn't discourage him from trying again — and unfortunately, striking out again.

Jordan Kimball — Removed From Paradise

After going through the reality TV gossip fire, following his scandalous breakup with Jenna Cooper from Bachelor in Paradise season 5, Jordan was back on the beach. Unfortunately, his visit took a violent turn when he attacked a fellow contestant and was ejected from the series.
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Onyeka Ehie — Left Paradise

Onyeka was mostly known for her big fight with Nicole on Colton's Bachelor season, but in Paradise, she was hoping to forge a new memory. However, when she was unable to form a connection with anyone, she made a tearful, voluntary exit minutes before the second rose ceremony.

Christian Estrada — Removed From Paradise

He didn't get much screen time on Becca Kufrin's Bachelorette season, but he sure made an impression during BIP. Shortly after arriving, he became one half of the big beach brawl advertised in all the promos. Shortly after, he was sent home for his involvement in the violence.
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Bibiana Julian — ELIMINATED On Paradise

Bibiana, or Bibi as her friends (and fans) call her, is just delightful. She's tried her hand at finding love on TV on The Bachelor (with Ari), Bachelor in Paradise, and Bachelor: Winter Games. Unfortunately, she went home after the first season 6 rose ceremony. Someone give this girl all the roses — she deserves so much more than she got this season.
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Jane Aver — ELIMINATED On Paradise

Jane was cut night one on Colton's season of The Bachelor and she really, really likes hot sauce. Like, maybe too much. That's literally all we know about her, and unfortunately, it's still all we know.
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Annaliese Puccini — ELIMINATED On Paradise

No one deserved a second shot at Paradise like Annaliese did. This woman was thrown through the ringer, then fell for the wrong guy at the last minute on season 5. And just when you though, oh, maybe they'll actually work, this dude dumped her on live television with absolutely no warning. Unfortunately, she got caught up in other people's drama so there was no #JusticeforAnnaliese this round.

Tahzjuan Hawkins — ELIMINATED

Tahzjuan didn't last long on Colton Underwood's Bachelor season and unfortunately, she had a similar fate on BIP.

Caitlin Clemmens — ELIMINATED

Caitlin arrived after being eliminated from Colton's Bachelor season. Unfortunately, when she got to the beach, there were too many strong bonds already formed and she was sent home.

Dean Unglert — Came Back... & Then Left Paradise Again

Though he and Caelynn were hitting it off in Paradise, Dean (who claimed he came on a dating show just to hang out with his friends and meet new people) decided that his lifestyle wasn't compatible with Caelynn's and they should break up. He left, she stayed, and she cried for a while. There are signs of life for this relationship out in the real world, though.


Revian Chang — Still On Paradise

Revian from Colton's season was referred to as a "rando" by the other contestants, but after getting to know Connor, she seemed bonded to the rest of the crew.

Whitney Fransway — Still On


If you forgot, you're forgiven, but Whitney is from Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor. She got to the beach for four seconds and then met up with Connor, who'd just left the beach because she wasn't there. It was very dramatic.
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