Taylor Swift Officially Hopped On The Lime-Green Nail Trend

No, you haven't time traveled to 1989: Neon nails are just making a huge comeback. Earlier this year, bright and bold nails emerged for a renaissance on Instagram, with retro Memphis Milano designs taking over our feeds. Soon enough, popular brands like Essie, Le Chat, and Smith & Cult made the look easy to DIY by launching whole collections of neon nail polish. Now, one color is standing out among the rest: lime green.

Green has been one of those unexpected color trends to hit almost every beauty category this year. Celebrities love green hair almost as much as they like dyeing their hair pink, and green eyeshadow is still one of the most popular makeup trends on the red carpet.


Naturally, neon-green nails are next, and they're a lot more wearable than you'd think — even Taylor Swift thinks so. The "Lover" singer was spotted this weekend attending an after-party for Saturday Night Live, not just with her actual lover Joe Alwyn in tow, but a set of lime-green nails, too.

Want to try the lime-green manicure for yourself? Get some inspiration ahead.

Photo: JosiahWPhotos / BACKGRID.
Somehow, Swift and Alwyn holding hands in public isn't the most exciting part of this picture: For us, it's all about Swift's lime nails. The bold color is begging for attention next to the couple's matching all-black ensembles after making an appearance during her performances of "Lover" and "False God" on SNL (the color even matched the stage design for the former).
Rihanna gets slime-green fingertips, and now all we can think about is getting neon-green nails before our next vacation.
The best part about this slimy color is that neon green comes in a variety of shades — and levels of brightness. You can go with something a bit more fluorescent, like this...
Or ask for a polish that's reminiscent of a Shamrock Shake.
Even better, this look doesn't require intricate nail art to be cool. An opaque wash of polish does the trick.
It's also one of the rare colors that looks cool in both glossy and matte finishes.
Double up on the '80s callback by painting your slime-green polish in Saved By The Bell-inspired squiggles and lines.
Ease into the neon nail look by combining bright green with a softer pastel, like this manicure from New York salon Paintbox.
Try two trends at once by layering two green polishes to create an animal-print design.
Regular French tips feel outdated? Swap out the milky-white polish for lime green.
This is also the perfect time to revive last summer's jelly-nail trend.
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