Here's How All The Couples Ended Bachelor In Paradise Season 5

It’s time to say adios to Bachelor In Paradise, ABC’s Mexican beach vacation of a dating show. With Tuesday night’s season 5 finale, “Week 6, Part 2,” all of the journeys and drama seemingly came to an end with the last footage from Sayulita and the subsequent reunion special. Some people got engaged. Others decided to date like normal people who have only known their partner since Memorial Day. Some people broke up with on national television.

And, in the two weeks since the Paradise crew filmed the reunion in late August, some things have changed (looking at you Jenna Cooper and Jordan Kimball). Thankfully, that’s where social media comes in. Instagram is the life blood of Bachelor Nation, helping us figure out exactly what’s happening in the moment, rather than 15 days ago.


Keep reading to find out where every Bachelor In Paradise couple worth talking about stands now thanks to the reunion intel and their latest social media shenanigans. As host Chris Harrison would say, get ready for some of the most dramatic twists in Bachelor(ette) history.

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Colton Underwood & Tia Booth

Colton Underwood and Tia Booth, Bachelor In Paradise 2018’s tear-stained will they or won’t they pairing, has finally, officially made a decision: They will not. Colton will be the 2019 Bachelor and Tia wishes him the best. “We’re finally on the same page,” Tia assured everyone at the reunion.

If we never see Colton sob onto Tia’s leg while wearing a sleeveless hoodie again, it will be too soon.

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Krystal Nielson & Chris Randone

At least Krystal Nielson and Chris Randone are doing well. The former reality TV villains have officially found love together and left Paradise engaged. They remain that way to this day, and even their moms are BFFs.

Somehow, Christal has become the soon-to-be-married Bachelor In Paradise couple to root for.
Grocery Store Joe Amabile & Kendall Long

Joe Amabile and Kendall Long have become the real-life rom-com we deserve. On Monday night’s episode, Kendall let Joe walk away from her when she should have run after him. So, upon getting home to California after filming, she jumped on another plane and headed to Chicago to profess her love to everyone’s favorite produce expert, Joe. Now, they’ve successfully saved their relationship.

Since Paradise ended, Joe and Kendall have sporadically seen each other — new Instagram photos confirm all of Joe’s well-publicized hang outs with Colton and Jason Tartick also included Kendall the entire time — and grown their relationship.

Now, Joe will be in Los Angeles, Kendall’s home base, for the foreseeable future as he’s competing on season 27 of Dancing With The Stars. Joe’s partner will be Jenna Johnson, and every vote for the duo will be a vote for the health of Joe and Kendall’s love.
Astrid Loch & Kevin Wendt

Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt are the cutest. After an uncomfortable, visceral breakup in Monday night’s episode, the pair confirmed they’re back together during the reunion episode, in large part thanks to Bibiana Julian (whom Kevin briefly dated during Winter Games, remember?!) acting as mediator.

Now Astrid and Kevin are buying groceries in Toronto, Canada, Kevin’s hometown, and taking selfies together. Astrid and Kevin forever.
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