So, Is Everyone Proposing In The Bachelor In Paradise Finale?

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At the very start of Monday night’s Bachelor In Paradise episode, there were quite a few couples bumming around the reality show’s Mexican beach resort. But after a series of unfortunate events including tearful breakups, inexplicable breakups, and the unwanted appearance of Robby Hayes, there were only three pairs left in Paradise.
Upon watching the three remaining couples — delightful weirdos Jenna Cooper and Jordan Kimball, emotionally lopsided lovebirds Annaliese Puccini and Kamil Nicalek, and mind-boggling duo Krystal Nielson and Chris Randone — enter the fantasy suites at “Week 6, Part 1’s” close, it’s impossible not to wonder who will leave Sayulita engaged. Especially when you remember that proposal-filled super trailer that dropped at the very beginning of Bachelor In Paradise season 5.
In fact, the teaser suggests that, at minimum, two couples will get engaged with the close of BIP 2018. And, thanks to the post-“Week 6, Part 1” trailer for the Tuesday night finale, we may know exactly who those soon-to-wed contestants are.
The answers come down to watches, men’s shirts, and, hilariously, arm hair, as previously theorized. With Jared Haibon's proposal to Ashley Iaconetti already wrapped, we are waiting on two already-teased proposals: one from a watch-free man in a light blue shirt with arm hair and one from a man with a silver watch. The man in the light blue shirt proposes to a woman in a dark blue dress. The mystery man with the silver watch proposes to a woman wearing a white dress with a pattern on it.
At the start of this season, those details were meaningless. But, they now have context thanks to that aforementioned finale trailer.
As usual, all of the season-ending Big Conversations between the remaining couples take place on a random plateau overlooking the beach. In the preview, we see Jordan, wearing a light blue shirt, no watch, and exposed forearms, embracing an emotional Jenna. She is wearing a dark blue dress. This perfectly matches up with one of the proposals from the original trailer.
Figuring out the second promised proposal is a little bit harder. We see Kamil is definitely wearing a silver watch in the pre-finale trailer, suggesting he could be the second mystery man proposing, but we have no idea what Chris’ wrist accessory situation is. However, Annalise is wearing a bright pink dress, and in the short glimpse we see of the second proposal, the woman in question is wearing a white dress. It just so happens when we see Krystal in her finale confessionals, she is also wearing a white dress.
So, while it’s not as clear-cut as Jordan and Jenna’s theorized proposal, it seems most likely Chris is going to pop the question to Krystal, no matter how ominously Paradise teases their season-closing conversation (in the trailer, we hear Chris say, “I have to be honest with myself and I’m so sorry, Krystal”). Still, we have no idea how Krystal, or Jenna, will likely respond to their imminent proposals. That same mystery hangs over the future of Annaliese, who has strived to hold onto her male model beau throughout the season, and Kamil, who has been consistently wary of getting serious with Annaliese despite his apparent feelings for her.
However, the reunion portion of the finale's trailer does suggest how certain couples may be faring right now. Krystal and Chris appear to still be into each other as they practically sit on top of one another, although Chris does shed a few barely-explained tears. Jenna and Jordan sit on that same hot seat and seem less in love than their friends, but, we do only see them for about three seconds. Annaliese, as usual, is fed up with someone as she yells, “You have not stepped it up!”
Past the pairs who made it to the last days of Paradise, the reunion will also throw Astrid Loch and Kevin Wendt together, along with Kendall Long and fan-favorite Joe Amabile. Both of these pairs unexpectedly split ahead of the season 5 fantasy suites. Now, we’ll find out if they can reconcile.
Amid all this drama and prospective Bachelor Nation engagements, we all know what really matters: making sure fans never, ever have to see Grocery Store Joe cry again.
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