Here's Who Left Bachelor In Paradise Last Night

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The cruel shores of Mexico will see many a breakup this summer, as lanky, tanned twenty-somethings woo each other on Bachelor in Paradise. Every two episodes or so, the show will air a "rose ceremony" in which a few people get sent home. Unlike The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise disseminates the power throughout the cast of the show. Either the men of the season or the women of the season get to do the rose-giving. For example, in the second episode of BiP season 5, the women have the roses. Each woman — thus far, Tia Booth, Nysha Norris, Kendall Long, Chelsea Roy, Krystal Nielson, Bibiana Julian, and Angela Amezcua — will hand out a rose to one man. Because there is a small disparity in gender numbers, some of the men will be left without roses.
Cue the weeping on the beach. Ahead, Refinery29 will keep track of who left the show. Some people won't wait for the rose ceremony to do so. This is Bachelor in Paradise and the rules largely don't exist.
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Week Five: Diggy Moreland

The Chicago-based contestant with a taste for really, really cool glasses went home when Olivia chose John (of Venmo fame) over him.
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Week Five: Kendall Long

After dating Joe the Grocer for most of the season, Kendall left when she and Joe couldn't find solid ground. Their breakup was dramatic, leaving Kendall in tears.

"I didn't know I was the only one who had doubts," Kendall said, weeping.
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Week Five: Joe Amabile

Joe, the grocer who snuck into our hearts, left after he realized that Kendall wasn't as interested in him as he was in her.
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Week Four: Eric Bigger

Citing emotional confusion, Eric left in the middle of the episode, leaving Cassandra Ferguson in the dust.
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Week Four: Angela Amezcua

The model from Nick Viall's season fostered a connection with Eric Bigger. Eric later trained his eyes on Cassandra Ferguson, leaving Angela in the dust. Such is the way of Paradise.
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Week Four: Chelsea Roy

Chelsea, a single mother from Maine, struggled to form a connection with anyone this season.
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Week Four: Colton Underwood

Our burly NFL player wept through his entire departure, claiming that he'd never really sought to please himself in this life. His whole life! He'd been pleasing others! Including Booth! He cried us a river in a grey hoodie, and made his way home.
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Week Four: Tia Booth

Booth struggled to form a relationship with Colton Underwood. And then, when she did, things only lasted for all of a week. Underwood decided that he simply wasn't interested in Booth, and they both went home.
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Week Three: Connor Obrochta

Connor, he of the hawt glasses, left after he failed to make a connection with Krystal in Paradise.
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Week Three: Benoit Beausejour

The French Canadian romantic is easily broken. Jenna dumped him for Jordan, and then Chelsea neglected to give him her rose.

"I've been rejected twice in four fucking days!" he laments in the car home.
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Week Three: David Ravitz

David the chicken goes home! He never forged a connection — at least not one that ended up in final edit — and lost his chance at Paradise when Chelsea decided not to give him her rose.
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Week Three: Leo Dottavio

Frustrated by the "bullshit" of Paradise, Leo made the mistake of lunging at Grocery Store Joe. He actually threw his drink at Joe, starting a minor scuffle that never full escalated. Production assistants intervened, preventing Leo from hurting Joe. Leo then went home, and no one in Paradise missed him.
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Week Three: Kenny King

Citing a need to get home to his daughter, Kenny left the show, leaving Annaliese, his date, single.
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Week Three: Jubilee Sharpe

Sharpe, a veteran from Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor, took her leave of the show in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment during Monday's episode. She was dallying with Venmo John (John Graham), but their chemistry wasn't enough to keep her in Mexico. She left of her own accord. (ABC doesn't even have press photos of Sharpe on the show.)
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Week Two: Caroline Lunny

Venmo John picked Jubilee over Caroline, so she left Paradise without a rose.
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Week Two: Jacqueline Trumbull

Jacqueline was sent packing on her birthday.
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Week Two: Bibiana Julian

The wisest and most supportive BIP contestant tried to make a connection with Kenny, but ultimately it didn't pan out.
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Week Two: Nysha Norris

Nysha didn't get a lot of screen time on Monday's episode so it didn't feel shocking when she was sent home.
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Week One: Wills Reid

At the first rose ceremony, Bibiana Julian made the bold decision to give her rose to Colton Underwood instead of Reid, a fan favorite from The Bachelorette. Her situation was an age-old paradox: Reid was sweet, but he wouldn't cause a ruckus. Underwood, on the other hand, was melodrama incarnate. She kept Underwood, much to the dismay of fans, and Reid went home.
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Week One: Nick Spetsas

The attorney took a liking to Chelsea Roy, but the relationship didn't follow through.

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