Is Jordan Going To Redeem Himself On Bachelor In Paradise?

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
I had zero patience for Jordan Kimball on The Bachelorette. He was so transparently the villain the producers kept around to keep the season interesting, but even his bad qualities seemed manufactured. His personality was as plastic as a ken doll, so I expected his schtick on Bachelor In Paradise to be equally hacky — however, last night, I was pleasantly surprised.
While, yes, he did bring his gold underwear, that's about all that remained from his days at the mansion. It's still the same Jordan with slicked-back hair and meticulously curated outfits, but now with a real personality that paints the model in a whole new light.
Instead of coming in ready to tear down the men that surround him, Jordan has a much more gregarious attitude on Paradise. Immediately, he acknowledged that Tia and Colton were pretty much going to happen, so he wasn't going to get in the way. Then, he called out Colton for being disrespectful when he arrived on the island, asking the camera, "Why are we pulling girls that aren't named Tia?" He also teamed up with Chris and Nick to call Colton out for leading her on.
When he does talk to his love interests, he kept things pretty tame. His conversation with Annaliese from Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s season of The Bachelor was genuinely sweet, with him expressing his interest without once bringing up that he's a Wilhelmina model.
Even his feud with David seems to have mellowed. Judging by this picture, the two may have finally put The Bachelorette behind them:


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This change of heart may have finally paid off, since rumors are swirling that the model does find love on this season with a certain blonde — snoop on Instagram if you're looking for spoilers. Otherwise, Jordan: I'll see you next week (and for the first time, I'm not dreading it).
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