One Way To Become The Villain On The Bachelorette: Show Up In Your Underwear

Photo: ABC.
It’s official, folks: we have our villain for Becca Kufrin’s season of The Bachelorette. Jordan Kimball, 26, is a model who memorably clomped his way into the Bachelor mansion, telling us that noisy shoes are like the “heartbeat of a gentleman.” Every season of this show has that one suitor who charmingly lacks self-awareness, but Kimball takes it to new level. And in a clip from next week’s episode shared by ABC, Kimball is giving us what he thinks we want: a full-on swimwear moment.
In the clip, Kimball ditches the loud shoes and his gray “elusive shark” suit. He sidles up to Kufrin while she’s busy chatting with another fellow — not at all uncommon in the Bachelor world, where time to talk privately is so limited, but it would be considered rude in IRL. Kimball is wearing nothing but a pair of swimming trunks, and they fit more like, well, boxer briefs. He clearly believes that Kufrin, and the Bachelorette audiences, are absolutely clamoring to see his body (note: we aren’t). “Just another night at the Bachelor mansion,” someone narrates. Suddenly, we’re grateful that we don’t see everything that goes on in between filming.
Kimball, in his nearly-nude glory, taps Kufrin’s shoulder with the blazing confidence of a guy who think that wearing tiny swimwear is a good look on a dating show. Kufrin bursts into giggles, but it’s unclear if she’s laughing with him or at him. The guy Becca is talking to is similarly mortified, but takes it in stride. Kimball, sporting a towel over his shoulder, looks more proud of his physique, and less interested in actually forging a relationship with Kufrin. A villainesque pose if we ever saw one, which is rich coming from Kimball, who boasts of being a “pensive gentleman.”
The best part, however, is how little Kimball realizes his own conceit. Sure, many of us were just as ego-driven in our mid-20s, but most of us weren’t male models whose living depends on feeding that go. And Kimball’s ego is the size of a planet.
Still, we commend the guy. In a world where people of every gender feel pressured to live up to completely unattainable ideals, Kimball’s confidence is refreshing, and he’s learned how to make a career with it. We just we wish he’d remember to ask Kufrin before showing up in his skivvies. Consent is key, people!
Kimball may not exit the show with a squad of contestant besties, but he’s the kind of television gold that those producers won’t give up on. Will he be heading to the sunny shores of Bachelor in Paradise? For the sake of highly-produced reality entertainment, let’s hope so. We have a feeling that Kimball won’t go away without a bang. Check out the clip below.

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