Here's Who The Bachelorette Dumped Last Night

Photo: Courtesy of Craig Sjodin/ABC.
The Bachelorette is about love. Yes, love, but mostly breakups. A year ago, Rachel Lindsay wept while Peter Kraus promised to deliver some version of commitment. She dumped him, leaving him a-gloop at the hotel right next to her discarded eyelashes. It was epic. Just three months ago, Arie Luyendyk, Jr. unceremoniously dumped Becca Kufrin (our current Bachelorette) at a posh bungalow in Beverly Hills. She cried and did a lot of pacing. He looked super anxious to take off his mic pack. It was also epic.
These are the Bachelorette moments we remember most because, like Tolstoy (sort of) says, happy couples are alike. It's the unhappy couples — and the subsequent breakups — that are horrifyingly unique. And The Bachelorette will serve us 27 breakups this season, presuming Becca Kufrin doesn't ditch the whole crew like Brad Womack did. Kufrin has 28 suitors, all of them various shades of Gaston from Beauty & the Beast. Each week, Kufrin will date a few of them. She'll decide which ones she doesn't like, and she'll discard them, one by one. Here, every Monday night, we'll recall each painful Bachelorette breakup.
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Editor's Note: An earlier version of this story misattributed a quote about happy couples to Anton Chekhov. It was Tolstoy, not Chekhov, who said that all happy families are alike.

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