We Finally Know What Happened On The Bus On The Bachelor

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Update: February 26, 2018 at 9:30 a.m.
Last night, on the Women Tell All, the women of The Bachelor pointed out Krystal Nielson's misdeed: She accused Arie Luyendyk, Jr. of having a "needle dick." On the show, the word was bleeped, and the footage of the bus incident did not materialize, even though the contestants started a chant of "play the tape!"
But, we know the truth: Nielson called him a "needle dick." (She also referred to the women as "c*nts" in a rant to a producer, a word that was also bleeped.)
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This year, buried amid cries of "Release the pee tape!" there have been muted cries for the release of another, just as significant tape: the bus ride footage from this season of The Bachelor. According to an interview with Access Hollywood, the footage will be released during the upcoming Women Tell All. And, it contains a curious expletive. Contestant Krystal Nielson allegedly called Arie Luyendyk, Jr. a "needle dick."
"Describe to me with your hands what it looks like," interviewer Ashley Iaconetti asked Nielson on the carpet following the event, referencing the alleged skinny member.
"You know, I haven't seen it," Nielson replied. "But I had an intuitive feeling about where it was going."
To recap, on the fifth episode of The Bachelor, Nielson threw an alleged "fit" during a bus ride. The other girls on the show seemed concerned about the language used during the rant. They insisted that Nielson was "unhinged," and Nielson quickly became the season's most reviled contestant. But we never got to see what happened on the bus ride. Thus, we were forced to assume that Nielson said something so outrageous it could not be aired on television. Nielson herself has contributed to this hype. On The Ellen Degeneres Show, she said she couldn't discuss it because it was a "big fucking deal."
But according to Iaconetti, the footage will materialize on Women Tell All, and there will be allegations made about Luyendyk's undercarriage. That actually is a big deal — The Bachelor is a show about romance. Rarely does the topic of sexual compatibility come up. (Post show is another matter. Courtney Robertson, another villain from The Bachelor, made similar allegations in a tell-all book about Bachelor Ben Flajnik.)
Iaconetti also implied in the interview that Nielson referred to Luyendyk as "not Peter." Last week, Nielson told Refinery29 that during the audition process, she did believe that the Bachelor would be Peter Kraus.
"Of course, I was disappointed [that the Bachelor was Arie]," she explained. "I am looking for someone I'm compatible with, entrepreneurial, on the same schedule. I really connected with Peter." Kraus, in other words, isn't a needle penis.
Watch the full interview with Nielson, below. The Women Tell All special will air February 25.
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