Introducing The Eligible Men Vying For Becca's Heart

No one wants us to forget Arie Luyendyk Jr faster than The Bachelor. In fact, they were so eager to be done with him that Season 22's "After The Final Rose" wasn't really about him at all. It was about Becca Kufrin — the jilted winner who Luyendyk left for Lauren, and who is now our new Bachelorette. Ready to move on from the hot mess, host Chris Harrison ended the final episode by bringing out the first five contestants for season 14 of The Bachelorette and also a horse.

First off, Kufrin handled this surprising turn of events with an incredible amount of grace, which should come as no surprise to anyone who watched her unedited breakup (aka, everyone, since it was broadcast TO THE WORLD). While this is just the beginning of her journey, we're already in the thick of it with the first five men who are charming and awkward and memorable in their own unique ways, each making sure to praise Kufrin for the way she handled her situation on the show, as well as make it crystal clear just how happy they were that she was back on the market.

Since the show doesn't come to our screens for a few more months, we're going to have a lot of men to keep straight before they do anything worth paying attention to. Ahead, we're rounding up Kufrin's suitors as they make themselves known, as well as any interesting details so you know exactly who to root for come May 28.

Ahead are all of Becca Kufrin's suitors on season 14 of The Bachelorette.

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The One Who Called Arie A "Wankah"

Right off the bat, Lincoln won everyone over with his adorable accent. Then, he called Arie (pronounced Air-ee) a wanker (pronounced "wan-kah") which was just icing on the cake.
The One Who Seems Nice, IDK!

While we didn't learn much from Chase in his brief intro, luckily he has an Instagram. Unluckily, this is his bio: "Vergason Sojourner McWaters Ad Agency Principal. 'Very Smart Marketing' - Where creative advertising is born."
The One With The Banjo

Is Ryan a doof? Absolutely. Did the banjo win me over? Yes. Could I find his Instagram? No. [EDIT: Intrepid Refinery29 entertainment editor Maia Efrem has found it. Click if you're ready for banjos and babies]. But Twitter found his LinkedIn and he's apparently a landscape designer and contractor.
The One Who I Personally Feel Needs To Take It Down A Notch

Darius is probably very nice but he spent a lot of time lingering on just how hot he thought Kufrin was and it just made me squirm in my skin. However, his Instagram makes him seem nice and fun, and Newsweek says he is a former University of Wisconsin football player.
The One With The Horse

Blake's move with putting Becca back on the horse could have been hokey, but his self-concious earnestness won me over. He seems to have a lot of fun on Instagram, and loves a good bow-tie. Also, can we talk about how his last name is HORStmann?
The Horse

Bradley for Bachelor 2019!
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