All The Subtle Manipulations Of Arie's Bachelor Breakup Speech

Photo: Courtesy of ABC.
After a bafflingly dull 2018 run of The Bachelor, star Arie Luyendyk Jr. has been revealed to be the true villain of the series. Bekah Martinez is dragging the reigning Bachelor by posting his questionable DMs. Bachelor Nation is openly criticizing the “race car driver.” Even a real-life Congressman is drafting a bill as we speak to officially ban Arie from the great state of Minnesota.
Of course, all of this hate can be chalked up to Arie’s disturbing, cold breakup with Bachelor sweetheart and daughter of Minnesota Becca Kufrin in the sorta-season finale, “Week 10.” You know, the breakup Arie decided to do in front of cameras where he announced he was leaving “winner” Becca for fellow contestant Lauren Burnham?
While all of that is bad, there’s something extremely awful you may not have noticed about the upsetting split: Arie never said “I’m sorry” to his new fiancée— not even once. It was a subtle avoidance of guilt that only gets worse the more you think about it. Although the Arizona real-estate agent’s complete apology side-step is horrifying, it wasn't the only way Arie tried to manipulate the breakup in the most under-the-radar of ways.
Keep reading to find out all the other ways Arie quietly exploited the breakup to soothe his own ego.
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