The Sexiest Gift To Give To Your Partner, According To Their Sign

Teddy bears and chocolates make fine Valentine's Day gifts, but they can feel a little cliché. If you're ready to go off the beaten path this V-Day, you may want to look to the stars — and find your partner the best sexy gift for their Zodiac sign.

No one's astrological identity can tell us everything about their sexual preferences, but that info can certainly give us a better idea of their likes and dislikes. For example, a Taurus's slow and steady approach to life extends into the bedroom, while a Gemini's unquenchable need for variety cries out whether they're in the streets or the sheets.

Sure, there are plenty of SFW gifts that your lover will adore, but they could always use a new sex toy, accessory, or set of lubes. Plus, you just might get to share in the fun of trying it out with them.

Ahead, discover the perfect sexy gift for your partner's astrological sign.


From an impromptu quickie to full-blown outdoor sex, spontaneous Rams are up for anything. Any kind of gift that enables — or enhances — those impulses will be more than welcome.

Our pick: This gift set boasts body-safe bubbles, suction cup handles, and a vibrating loofah — in other words, everything your Ram will want to add to their shower sex repertoire.
Sportsheets Sex (with Emily) Shower Starter Kit, $65.00 $49.99, Buy

It's a rare Bull who would turn down a chance to be pampered, but that doesn't mean you need to book them an entire day at the spa. Something small and simple (that they can use on you, too) will strike the right balance.

Our pick: This candle melts into a luxurious, all-natural massage oil that you'll both love. Plus, it'll make the bedroom smell incredible.
LELO Flickering Touch Massage Candle, $34.90 Buy

Sticking with the same old thing probably isn't your Gem's style. This energetic air sign would always prefer to try something new, which can make gift-giving a tricky affair. The secret is to find something that allows them to sample a few different experiences, depending on their mood.

Our pick: This is a literal variety pack of sex toys and goodies — no restless Gem will be able to resist.
Lovehoney Lovehoney Sexploration Mega Couple's Sex Toy Kit (12 Piece), $149.99 $59.00, Buy

No, not all Cancers are moody saps, but it'll mean a lot to the moon-ruled Crab in your life if you give them something that both engages their romantic side and turns up the heat. Maybe a first-edition collection of poems is more their style, or maybe some contemporary, women-authored erotica will do the trick.

Our pick: This novel features a powerful heroine and many a steamy scene. Take turns reading it aloud.
Alisha Rai A Gentleman in the Street, $14.99 $4.99, Buy

Leos are as demanding as they are generous, meaning they like to give as much as they get. You're best off finding a couples toy or accessory that you can both enjoy, so that your Leonine lover can share the love.

Our pick: This luxe blindfold is padded beneath the eyes for added comfort, and its adjustable straps make it a perfect fit for anyone interested in exploring sensory deprivation.
Mr. S Leather Ultimate Blindfold, $54.95 Buy

This down-to-earth sign isn't exactly a fan of extravagance, so there's a good chance any gift that's too over the top will just end up putting off your Virgo partner. Instead, get them something sexy that they’d never get themselves, but still scratches that practical itch.

Our pick: A velvety soft fascinator adds a touch of finery to the bedroom while saving your sheets from any messes. And there's nothing a Virgo loves more than efficient multitasking.
Liberator Fascinator Throw, $120.00 $108.00, Buy

Though they may seem easily distracted, Libras love an immersive experience. Go big with a phone-free, all-about-them staycation, or take a subtler route with a toy or accessory that heightens sensations to the point of mind-blowing.

Our pick: A variety pack of flavored lubes will engage their senses in the heat of the moment. Plus, watching your indecisive Libran lover try to choose which taste they'd like to try next will be a little gift for yourself.
Sliquid Sliquid Lip Lickers Lube Cube - Flavored, $12.99 Buy

Scorp is not your textbook water sign. Instead of free-flowing and ever-changing, their moods are still, reflective, and very deep. Indulge your lover's darker side with a more esoteric toy.

Our pick: This slender dildo is made of black obsidian, a healing crystal believed to have protective and clarifying properties. Even if the Scorpio in your life isn't on the crystal bandwagon, it'll look gorgeous on their nightstand.
Chakrubs The Xaga, $114.00 Buy

If you're dating a playful Archer, you already know that Sags are masters of the tease. Give them something that'll make your foreplay even more tantalizing, like a tickler or low-intensity vibe.

Our pick: This remote-controlled vibrator uses magnets to lock into place in your underwear and it works up to 10 meters away, so your Sag can tease from afar.
California Exotic Novelties Lock-N-Play Remote Petite Panty Teaser, $70.00 Buy

Even the most by-the-books Cap likes to get creative in the bedroom, and that means celebrating — and stimulating — underrated erogenous zones. Give them a go-anywhere massager or a toy that targets a specific area.

Our pick: This set of nipple clamps is heavier than most, so it'll have a more intense effect on the wearer. That's part of this gift's appeal, but make sure your Cap is actually interested before asking them to try it out.
Doc Johnson Kink by Doc Johnson CHAIN Heavy Chain Nipple Clamps, $32.49 $25.99, Buy

Sometimes, it can feel like your Aquarian partner is living in the future while you're stuck here in the present. Luckily, you can indulge their love of gadgets without bringing the 31st century into your bedroom — think "small and innovative" while you browse.

Our pick: This vibrator can be worn three different ways on the user's hand — no Water Bearer can resist that level of customization.
Dame Products Body-Safe Toys for Every Body., $74.95 Buy

A Pisces loves a quickie as much as any other sign, but they're suckers for sex that's made into an event, too. Consider giving them an I.O.U. for candlelit bathtub sex, or pick out something that engages their Piscean imagination.

Our pick: This limited-edition, body-safe paint kit comes with everything you need to turn your next romp into a framable masterpiece that any art-loving Fish would proudly display.
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