The Sexiest Gift To Give To Your Partner, According To Their Sign

Photographed by Lula Hyers.
Teddy bears and chocolates make fine Valentine's Day gifts, but they can feel a little cliché. If you're ready to go off the beaten path this V-Day, you may want to look to the stars — and find your partner the best sexy gift for their Zodiac sign.
No one's astrological identity can tell us everything about their sexual preferences, but that info can certainly give us a better idea of their likes and dislikes. For example, a Taurus's slow and steady approach to life extends into the bedroom, while a Gemini's unquenchable need for variety cries out whether they're in the streets or the sheets.
Sure, there are plenty of SFW gifts that your lover will adore, but they could always use a new sex toy, accessory, or set of lubes. Plus, you just might get to share in the fun of trying it out with them.
Ahead, discover the perfect sexy gift for your partner's astrological sign.

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