The Haircuts You're About To See Everywhere

Copying a celebrity's latest haircut is an easy way to find something you love that works with your texture — especially now that you can follow their hairstylist on Instagram for daily and personalized style inspo. But even better than mimicking your favorite celeb's look? Beating them to the punch altogether — and we've got the inside scoop.

We talked to the top stylists in L.A. and New York City who are busy planning their A-listers' next big cuts. Ahead you'll find predictions from Jen Atkin (who styles Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen) to Christian Wood (who's responsible for Tessa Thompson's and Deepika Padukone's strands).

The biggest takeaways? Everyone's getting bangs, mid-length is the new long, and bobs aren't going anywhere soon. And did we mention that accessories will be the way to pull back your hair next year? Click ahead for the top styles and cuts that will rule 2018.

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Curtain Fringe

Bangs are going to be huge next year — and there are a lot of variations ahead — but the one single resounding style everyone agrees on is curtain fringe. That is, the long, tapered, mysterious-meets-IDGAF look that works for every texture and length. "Soft, long, side-swept bangs will [be big] this year — think early 2000's," says Wood.

Franck Izquierdo, stylist and co-founder of IGK Hair Care, calls out French makeup artist Violette as his inspiration for this growing trend. "Piecey and textured bangs [will be the top bang trend of 2018]," he says. "Because these bangs are easy to style and versatile to wear — you can wear them on the side or separate them in the middle."
Hairstory's Wes Sharpton agrees. "The curtain bang is really making grown-out [hair] look cool," he says. "It’s that bang where it looks good, but it’s hard to tell if you got it cut last week or six months ago."

We especially love this curly version by L.A. stylist Sal Salcedo.
The best part? Curtain fringe is a super low-commitment look — meaning if you don't feel like styling them one day, you can easily pin them out of the way. (This is how all the cool girls are doing it.)
Jaw-Length Cuts

For Salcedo, 2018 is going to be the year of the short cut. "We still have lots of people getting the chop and liberating themselves from years of long hair," he reports. "In general, everyone is becoming more daring and going shorter than before. The sci-fi bob, slicked back bobs, and looks reminiscent of iconic '90s supermodels will all popular."
Wood is also encouraging his clients to jump aboard the bob train. "We’ve seen a lot of super long hair recently," he says, "But I would love to see short hair come back. Short, jaw-length bobs or natural hair lengths. More of an effortless look that feels soft and cool." Count us in.
Atkin, who recently uploaded this treasure trove of bob inspiration on her Instagram page, agrees: "Short hair isn’t going anywhere!"
Hairstylist Bryce Scarlett gave Margot Robbie an A-line cut with a slight bend for the 2018 Oscars — and it made a huge impact. “Her dress was extremely feminine and elegant, and we wanted to take the length of her hair up to make sure that it felt very classic and modern to go with her gorgeous dress," he told us.
Photo: J. Merritt/Getty Images.
Saoirse Ronan also hit the Oscars carpet with a stunning cut. Hairstylist Adir Abergel described it as a "soft blunt chin-length bob” to Us Weekly, also calling it "sophisticated and young" with a "real modernity to a classic shape.”
Blunt, Choppy Bangs

When Atkin gets bit by a trend bug, she starts doling it out all over town — which means you might see these bangs on everyone from Gigi Hadid to the Kardashians in 2018. (She just gave them to Teigen.)

"Textured bangs are so versatile and frame the face so well," she says, noting that they're also a great way to add interest to a simple updo. "Tell your stylist you want a lot of movement and texture, especially towards the ends and in the fringe."
Photo: Courtesy of Hairstory.
The experts over at Hairstory (which are known to set trends among their model and influencer clientele) predicts we'll see this look all over New York, too. Ask for a length that sits at your brows and is slightly choppier in the center, which opens up the face.
Garren, celebrity stylist and co-founder of the brand R+Co, calls out model Talie Halbuer as his inspiration for heavy, messy bangs paired with an unfussy bob. "Fringe is really taking over!" he told R29. "This kind of haircut will be big because it won’t interfere with clothing. In fashion, they are showing a lot of big shoulders, so you want your hair out of the way."
Salcedo has been loving this look as well. "Bangs will get shorter and choppier in 2018 — a little more messy and daring!" he says.
Soft, Center-Parted Curls

"Curly and textured hair will be more relaxed, with a less structured, done feeling," says Wood, who points to Imaan Hammam as inspiration.
Sharpton agrees, crediting Solange for ushering in the resurgence of a looser shape. "We’ll be seeing the return of the triangle: Flatter on top and wider on the sides," he says. "It really took off again with Solange, who’s such a huge influencer."
Yasmin Wijnaldum, who appeared in Alexander Wang's campaign, is another great source of inspo, Wood says. Her curls are stretched for a lived-in look.
The Short Shag

For Amiel, L.A.'s top curly-hair stylist, it's all about the shag for 2018. The only difference from 2017's version? The bangs are getting thicker. "So many girls are asking for heavy fringe," he says. "It has been so popular lately. It looks great on straight hair, and when done right, it looks fantastic on curly hair, too."
"Shag, shag, and more shag," L.A. celeb stylist Daniel Moon reported when asked for the coolest look of the year. "My favorite shags are coming from Chanel Crocker working out of my salon HAIR downtown — great shapes and a nice emphasis on the natural texture."
Mid-Length Cuts

"Girls are realizing hair doesn't need to be down to the floor to look great," says Amiel. Plus, it works for those with straight, wavy, or curly hair — like model Asia Jackson's version.
"It brings more attitude, energy, and power," says Izquierdo of this length. What's more, singer Kelela proves that it's incredibly versatile: She debuted this length with crystal beads and a rad asymmetrical shape created by celeb hairstylist Nai'vasha Johnson.

"The biggest trend of the year is going to be hair accessories," Atkin told R29. "They’re perfect for the low maintenance gal that wants something fast to dress up her look."
"Using accessories to put the hair up will be a big trend," Wood says. "You can create a really simple updo and secure it with an accessory to add drama."
In-demand hairstylist Kristin Ess is also loving hair accessories — but notes that you don't have to spend a ton of money for them to look good. Even just a simple black ribbon has major impact.
Hairstylist Anh Co Tran agrees, and suggests picking up a bunch of ribbon colors (he prefers white, black, and burgundy) to interchange depending on your outfit.
Bonus points if you accessorize your hair with beacons from the past like these throwback clips on stylist Teisha Jenaie.
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