The 5 Biggest Haircut Trends Sweeping NYC This Fall

Photo: Courtesy of Alex Osario Castro.
Think of the quintessential New York City girl. Maybe she's waiting in line for a $1 slice of pizza at 2 a.m., long glossy black hair tucked into the collar of her faded denim jacket. Or, she's looking down at her phone on the opposite side of the subway platform, with flirty platinum blonde bangs and a warm smile that shatters any misconception that Manhattanites are unfriendly. Any loyal Angeleno will tell you, the world's best hair salons are off the 405, but a real, no-BS New Yorker will counter with: "Have you met my stylist?"
Ahead, we're breaking down the five chicest hair trends sweeping The Big Apple this fall. And more than just photo inspiration, you'll find out exactly what you should ask for and how to style it on your own hair texture. So, even if your go-to salon is far from the city that never sleeps — in both location and spirit — take this guide to your next appointment. You'll find yourself with a cut that gives you instant cool-girl vibes.
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Courtesy of Alex Osario Castro
Choppy Bob

What to ask for: A blunt cut that falls between the cheekbone and just below the chin

"The timeless bob is extremely versatile on a young woman with naturally straight, wavy, or curly texture — no matter her face shape," says Alex Osorio Castro, an NYC-based stylist for Unite. "When consulting your stylist, bring photos of the bob chops that inspire you."

The best part of this cut is that you can take a hands-off approach. "The real fashion element of this cut is the texture," Castro says. "As stylists, we can add natural volume and movement and provide you with a product regimen that works for you, so you can embrace your natural texture with minimal effort. Don't be afraid to allow your hair to naturally dry with this cut."
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Castro tells us your stylist should take both your hair texture and your face shape into consideration when cutting your hair short and blunt. This bob — with the loosely textured waves and a baby bang — is truly one of a kind.
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If your hair is curly, lean into the shape your hair falls into naturally, and don't flatten curls to fit into a certain shape. Take inspiration from this chin-length bob that takes on a gorgeous, angular look.
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Micro Bang Pixie Cut

What to ask for: A textured pixie with short, fluttery bangs

"This slightly tapered pixie haircut keeps popping into my chair, and I've absolutely fallen in love with it," says stylist Deanna Brown of DevaChan Salon in SoHo. The slightly grown-out pixie with an imperfect mini bang works on a range of hair textures, from very fine to naturally curly — but the important part is to be loyal to the maintenance, keeping the sides short and groomed.
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With hair this short, don't fight your natural texture. Put away your blowdryer, and do all your styling in the shower. Opt for co-wash or moisturizing shampoo like Hair Rituel's Revitalizing Smoothing Shampoo (a French favorite), which has macadamia and moringa oils to make everything glossy and easier to air-dry.
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Even though it's a shorter cut, a pixie with a bang can be styled in multiple ways. You can add texture through the on top with styling wax to play up those flirty wisps that fall around your upper forehead. Or, you can slick all the hair down with mousse for a wet look.
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For natural hair, this pixie trend translates into a sharp, tapered cut, like this style spotted at the Hair Rules Salon. Let the front coils fall down onto the forehead, or use a blowdryer to add volume and height.
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Mid-Length Blunt Lob

What to ask for: A blunt cut that falls at or below your shoulders with invisible layers

Joseph Maine, a stylist at Serge Normant at John Frieda Salon in NYC tells us that the blunt lob is very popular right now, but that the stylist shouldn't cut it razor-sharp. "With this cut, I always cut into it to achieve some added texture and movement," Maine explains. "I like adding invisible layers — you can tell there are shorter bits throughout, but you can’t tell where they start or end."
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The sharp yet soft lob feels like an oxymoron. But look closely and you can see both elements — the crisp ends with an effortless bend and layers creating movement throughout.
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Maine tells us that he loves this blunt, longer cut because it's much easier to manage than a bitty bob or a pixie, especially if your hair is already long. "The blunt bob grows out really well," he explains. "It's easy to manage on all textures, and looks great in so many styles, just flip your hair against its natural part for added lift and that perfect photo finish."
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Extra-Long Cut With Face-Framing Layers

What to ask for: Long, gradual layers, plus a soft, face-framing fringe that falls between the chin and cheekbone.

Long hair is currently trending in East Coast salons (and in L.A., too). NYC girls are adding a soft '70s flair to their length. "This cut delivers 'change' without second thoughts," says Lexi Salkin of Blackstones Salon on the Lower East Side, meaning she has no problem convincing her clientele to welcome the scissors for this style. "This length is often accompanied by subtle internal layering and looks great with a range of bangs and face-framing layers." Our opinion? The look combines the softness of Brigitte Bardot’s iconic long, blonde hair and the grit of Farrah Fawcett epic shag, without being obvious or severe.
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At NYC's Warren Tricomi Salon, stylists are giving clients gradual layers around the face for dimension, with a long curtain fringe that can be tucked behind the ears or fall down around the cheekbone.
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Long hair is the White Rose Collective bread and butter. There, master stylist Teddi Cranford infuses long hair with layers and a face halo fringe — the dimension is super subtle, but really opens up the whole face.
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Shaggy Mullet Cut

What to ask for: A shaggy lob with straight-across bangs

This cut was huge in L.A. this summer and has infiltrated NYC in a big way. The difference here is that the length is a bit longer, with the cut falling more around the shoulder blades as opposed to the short bob range. The cut is perfect for those with curly hair, who want a style that has an element of playfulness (the bang), but doesn't compromise too much in length.

“Think about what length will work best with your natural texture," says Darby Backes, stylist at Brooklyn's Whiteroom Salon. "Curlier hair will be great at any length. There should be a fair amount of weight removal so the ends look lived in. The bangs can be short or long, depending on your preference, just keep the texture and style uniform with the rest of the hair.”
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Drew Mickel at Salon AKS in New York reimagined the mullet cut by adding fluttery bangs down to the lashes and playing up the texture.
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The curlier your natural texture, the better, as evidenced by this messy, corkscrew curly lob. The styling variations will depend on your hair texture and preferred bang — you can play with the length and choppiness depending on your aesthetic.

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