7 Takes On This Fall's Trendiest, Most Versatile Haircut

Think about the small luxury that is pulling your head through the neck of your favorite chunky knit sweater on a chilly fall morning. That kind of simple bliss can only be matched by turning to face the mirror to find that your hair has fallen perfectly — the ends skimming just above your collarbone, swinging ever so slightly the air while softly framing your face in a way that not even the most gorgeous pair of gold hoop earrings ever could.
That's the magic of a bob — it's a built-in fashion accessory — and precisely the reason we see variations of the cut scattering the sidewalks of New York and L.A., expertly styled by every quintessential cool girl in Doc Martens and a slip dress, layered under a cozy camel teddy jacket.
But the fact that the cut is unequivocally mainstream shouldn't stop you from trying it. No, it should only serve as proof of the fact that the humble bob is a forever win in its versatility. From blunt and crisp ends, to banged and bouncy with curls, here are seven ways to rock your perfect cool girl haircut this season.