7 Takes On This Fall's Trendiest, Most Versatile Haircut

Think about the small luxury that is pulling your head through the neck of your favorite chunky knit sweater on a chilly fall morning. That kind of simple bliss can only be matched by turning to face the mirror to find that your hair has fallen perfectly — the ends skimming just above your collarbone, swinging ever so slightly the air while softly framing your face in a way that not even the most gorgeous pair of gold hoop earrings ever could.
That's the magic of a bob — it's a built-in fashion accessory — and precisely the reason we see variations of the cut scattering the sidewalks of New York and L.A., expertly styled by every quintessential cool girl in Doc Martens and a slip dress, layered under a cozy camel teddy jacket.
But the fact that the cut is unequivocally mainstream shouldn't stop you from trying it. No, it should only serve as proof of the fact that the humble bob is a forever win in its versatility. From blunt and crisp ends, to banged and bouncy with curls, here are seven ways to rock your perfect cool girl haircut this season.
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The Triangular Bob

Ask for: A structured, angular cut that falls above your shoulders.

Deanna Brown, stylist at NYC's DevaChan salon, tells us that the triangular bob is a great option if you're in the process of transitioning your natural hair. "The angular bob is my favorite way to transition curls," she explains. "You can still do a protective style — like a twist out or Bantu knots — to recreate a pattern that may no longer exist in the front, without taking off too much length if you aren’t ready for a big chop."
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Curly, softly angular bobs look even better with bangs. "Ask your stylist for a curly bob and if you're interested in bangs, let him or her know how long or short you want them," Brown explains. "Bring images of the kind of bob and bang variations that you love."
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The Blunt Bob

Ask for: A blunt cut with invisible layers that floats above the shoulders.

When you're trying to send a message with your hair, why not be blunt about it? Hairstylist Sal Salcedo tells us that these bob cuts are incredibly popular in L.A. "It's perfect for those with finer hair, since the bluntness of the cut creates the illusion of density," he explains. "To spice it up, spritz a little salt spray on the top, and scrunch it in — this gives the illusion of layers without having them."
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Courtesy of Dominick Serna
Unite stylist Dominick Serna of Chris McMillan Salon in Los Angeles explains that your natural texture will determine how much your stylist cuts into the hair to achieve the look. "With fine texture, you don't need to cut into the hair as much to create a heavy line," he explains. "Whereas with thicker hair, you need to cut deeper into the hair more to create the desired softness. And with styling here, less is more."
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Courtesy of Sal Salcedo
The Blurred, Swing-Line Bob

Ask for: A soft, A-line cut with no more than one inch of difference in length from front to back and internal layers.

Salcedo calls this style the "it girl" bob. "It's an effortless and airy bob for the girl that wants that effortless texture," he explains. "The haircut has a lot of internal movement, which makes the style fall with ease — the best way to wear it is to move it around with deep side parts and a little tuck behind the ear."
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Courtesy of Tim Dueñas
Carolyn Aronson, the founder and CEO of It’s a 10 Haircare, tells us that the best way to cut a swing line bob with soft, textural layers, is to implement a precision razor cutting technique.
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Courtesy of Tim Dueñas
Tim Dueñas, stylist at L.A.'s Nine Zero One Salon tells us that the key to achieving this look is to focus on the blurred line, which gives the ends that lived-in finish. "Creating a slightly softer perimeter helps make this classic more modern," he says. "It’s also a cut that works on both thick and fine textures."
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The Parisian Bob

Ask for: A blunt cut that falls between the cheekbone and the chin with a slight A-line to create a flipped up finish at the front.

"The timeless Frenchy bob is extremely versatile on women with naturally straight, wavy, or curly texture — no matter her face shape," says Alex Osorio Castro, an NYC-based stylist for Unite. "When consulting your stylist, bring photos of the bob chops that inspire you."
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The best part of this cut is that you can take a hands-off approach. "The real fashion element of this cut is the texture," Castro says. "As stylists, we can add natural volume and movement and provide you with a product regimen that works for you, so you can embrace your natural texture with minimal effort. Don't be afraid to allow your hair to naturally dry with this cut."
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A Choppy Bob

Ask for: A length that falls between the ear and chin, with gradual, feathered layers.

"This cut can be as short as ear level, or as long as chin length," explains Howard McLaren, the co-founder and creative director of R+Co. "It floats somewhere between the 1920s and 1940s era, and now, it’s everywhere. The cut should be tailored to the individual — you can add bangs or a long fringe — but the texture element is paramount, especially if you have thin or fine hair that has a tendency to fall flat, because this allows for versatility in styling."
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"Product plays a huge role with this cut, as different formulas allow you to change the look daily," explains McLaren. "Ask your stylist to show you three ways to wear the cut, and choose products that will give you options to change your look."
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The Round Bob

Ask for: A cut that falls above collarbone with rounded edges and long layers to maintain the length on top.

"This fall is all about the rounded bob, with the length below the chin, hitting around the collarbone," says Darby Backes, stylist at Brooklyn's Whiteroom Salon. "The shape is instantly stylish while still being wearable. If you have curly texture, there should be a fair amount of weight removal, so the ends look lived-in and to frame the face, then maybe some long layers to avoid a shape that's too angular."
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With natural hair, a softly-rounded shape frames the face beautifully, while the recommended longer the layers — this is key — provides length on the top to allow the cut to be somewhere between a perfectly-rounded Afro and a lived-in bob.
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Courtesy of Sal Salcedo
The Shaggy Bob

Ask for: A shoulder-length bob with a fringe bang and soft, face-framing layers.

The shag has had numerous moments through the past few decades, and this is a play on that ever-evolving look. This style is all about working with your natural texture, Salcedo tells us. "A soft fringe with a little framing around the face gives this cool, shaggy look with curls," he says. "The layers are distributed throughout the top, which creates an illusion of a choppy, layered style that's balanced by the longer length of the cut."
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Imperfect, wonderfully messy curtain bangs add a flirty feeling and dimension to the stylish shag cut.

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