5 Bob Haircuts That Are Dominating 2022

We've all felt the urge to book a haircut in the midst of a major life change. It's the reason a fringe suddenly feels so tempting right after a breakup, or why so many brides chop their hair the minute the wedding's over (sometimes sooner). It's also why so many of us have had questionable at-home haircuts these last few years (guilty!).
But now, you'd be pressed to find a salon where you don't have to wait weeks (sometimes months!) to get in with your favourite hairstylist. This means we need to make every visit count. If you haven't been to the salon for a while, hairstylist Temur Hamilton, suggests getting a haircut that gets rid of any dead weight. "If I had to choose a specific style, it would be a variation on the bob, which is a classic favourite for spring, summer, and almost always feels refreshing", he says.
Coupled with the fact that short hair tends to surge in popularity during times of economic downturn, it's not a stretch to assume that many of us will be looking at losing some length in the coming months. If you can already tell that's going to be you, here are five ideas to pre-book with your stylist. (Take it from us and don't try these at home.)

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