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A Complete Guide To The Festive Films On Netflix This Christmas

Step outside and draw in that crisp, winter air. Listen closely and you’ll hear the distant refrain of the Coca-Cola advert. We can't move for mince pies, fairy lights and the smell of cinnamon scented candles already. And yes, when you log into Netflix UK you’ll find a hearty sprinkling of seasonal programming. The time is upon us, friends. Festive films are go.

It should come as no surprise that the streaming giant has gone all out for the occasion. After the wild success of last year’s Netflix original, A Christmas Prince, there’s all sorts of festive entertainment to keep you going through the mulled wine, Baileys, boxes of Quality Street and back again.


High up on everyone’s watch list is obviously A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding, the follow-up to last year’s smash hit. Vanessa Hudgens has made a beeline for similar success with her Parent Trap style rom-com The Princess Switch and there’s a Christmas special courtesy of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina thrown in for good measure, too. Full of cheer yet? Great. Save yourself the hours of deliberation, and read on for our verdict of the Netflix Christmas lineup.

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The Princess Switch

Vanessa Hudgens stars as two identical characters in this sweet-looking comedy about a princess and a commoner who decide to switch places. The trope gets a refreshing twist when they each fall in love and must decide whether to keep up the ruse or risk losing festive romance. What a debacle.
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The Christmas Chronicles

Kurt Russell stars as not-your-typical-Santa in this holiday comedy. Two siblings must help him save Christmas after his sleigh crashes in the middle of the big night. Russell's rock-and-roll take on the tried and true Santa character provides a memorable twist in this family holiday film.
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A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding

The sequel to the beloved A Christmas Prince is here! This royal wedding promises to be (one of) the most memorable of the year — but only if the couple can navigate wedding planning, press coverage and political intrigue. We're already deeply invested...
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Neo Yokio: Pink Christmas

The first season of this popular anime premiered last year, and now Neo Yokio is getting its own Christmas special. The anime by Ezra Koenig tells the story of aristocratic demon hunters, and includes the voice talents of Jaden Smith and Jude Law.
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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: A Midwinter's Tale

Does the Church of the Night celebrate Christmas? Sabrina fans are about to find out. The spooky October favourite is coming out with a holiday special, which should be enough to hold fans over until season 2.
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The Holiday Calendar (2018)

This cute Christmas movie revolves around a magical advent calendar (stay with us here). An aspiring photographer finds the calendar, which appears to predict her future and seems equally determined to steer her towards romance with a dishy friend who's returned home for the holidays. Check out the trailer here.
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A Christmas Prince (2017)

This was the rom-com that started it all. Well, on Netflix at least! It's a delightful story about a journalist who falls in love with a prince while reporting on the royal family. The movie became a cult favourite on the streaming service last year so be sure to rewatch it before you get started on the new sequel.
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A Very Murray Christmas (2015)

This self-aware comedy Christmas special stars Bill Murray as he tries to put on a holiday event. While it doesn't go as planned, plenty of celebrities show up, from Amy Poehler and Miley Cyrus to a wonderfully cynical Michael Cera.
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BoJack Horseman: Christmas Special (2014)

This very meta Christmas episode is a Christmas special of Horsin' Around, the fictional sitcom that BoJack Horseman once starred in. He watches the old episode with his friend Todd and reflects on a cheesier, but more nostalgic time. A great special for fans of the series.
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Christmas Inheritance (2017)

A rich socialite gets sent on a mission to deliver letters in a small town. She's able to make new friends and finally gets into the Christmas spirit. The perfect feelgood family movie, with just the right amount of holiday romance. Starring Eliza Taylor and Jake Lacy.
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Christmas With The Coopers (2015)

This is family drama that you definitely saw coming. The adult offspring all come home for Christmas and mother bear Diane Keaton is stressed about making sure everything is perfect. One of the kids brings a fake boyfriend, another is navigating single parenthood and the other gets arrested trying to steal a gift. Happy holidays!

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Nativity! (2009)

There’s nothing quite like a British Christmas though, is there? Nice guy Martin Freeman is the overstretched teacher who's in charge of the school nativity play. He tells a little lie about a Hollywood producer coming to watch and it all gets delightfully out of hand. Keep an eye out for Alan Carr’s cameo, too.
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Arthur Christmas (2011)

It's a lot of pressure being Father Christmas' son. Especially when you're called upon to correct a mistake he makes while out delivering gifts on Christmas Eve. In this sweet animated comedy it's all up to Arthur (voiced by James McAvoy) to save Christmas.
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The Holiday (2006)

I'm not entirely convinced that whoever put Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Cameron Diaz and Jack Black in an ensemble film together really knew what they were on to. Nevertheless, here's to the film that had us googling how to do house swaps with LA film cutters. Long live Mr Napkin Head.
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Christmas Wedding Planner (2017)

Okay, it's got nothing on Jennifer Lopez's Wedding Planner, but if you're after something ridiculous, kind of bad to throw on, then here's your film. It's about a wedding planner (shock) who's trying to pull her cousin's big day together when a private investigator turns up and blows everything out of the water. Stars Kelly Rutherford (aka Serena's mum Lily in Gossip Girl).
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Peep Show: Seasonal Beatings (2010)

Cast your mind back to series seven, episode five. It's Christmas Day and Mark's parents are coming over for lunch (which he has planned in excruciating detail) but Dobby will also be joining them and Jeremy is just a tad overexcited. Okay it's not strictly a film BUT if you were looking for a reason to revisit one of the UK's best sitcoms, here it is.
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Black Mirror: White Christmas (2014)

Here's the anti-Christmas rom-com you've been waiting to stumble upon. You'll find three stories for the price of 73 minutes in this festive special. Matt and Joe (Jon Hamm and Rafe Spall) are stationed at an outpost in the middle of nowhere. It's snowing heavily. To pass the time they share their life stories and we watch it all play out on screen, ultimately explaining how these two came to end up in this strange wilderness.

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