Kendall Jenner & Sofia Richie Have Entered An Uncharted Area Of Petty: Horse Drama

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Things have been relatively drama-free for the Kardashian-Jenner clan lately as the family has been focusing their energies on Khloé Kardashian's pregnancy and the birth of Chicago West and Stormi Webster. Did you know that Travis Scott pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct this week? Probably not, because, well, babies!

Of course, we couldn't really expect things to stay calm in Calabasas for too long. If there's one thing this family is good at, it's keeping fans on their toes, and this time it's Kendall Jenner who's kicking up her hooves.

According to W magazine, Jenner may be horsing around with Sofia Richie, the 19-year-old model dating KourtneyKardashian's ex, Scott Disick. The drama reportedly started last month after Jenner seemed to call out Disick and Richie's age difference on Instagram by lumping her in as one of "his kids." As of now, all of the comments appear to have vanished off of the post in question.

Flash-forward to this past weekend, and (horse) shit seems to be hitting the proverbial fan.

You may have noticed that Jenner just welcomed a new baby of her own into her life. Meet her "new baby dragon."

Seems sweet, right? Well, as W points out, the pony purchase may have been a bit malicious.

You see, Richie recently posted a photo to her Instagram account acknowledging the devastating loss of her childhood horse, whom she called "dragon" in the caption.

Now, it's unclear if Jenner actually named her horse Dragon or was just using the nickname in her post. Regardless, some fans still felt that Jenner was mocking Richie and chastised her in the comments. "Shame on you" and "Congrats for being a bully" were just two of the things people wrote to indicate Jenner's actions were neigh cool.

Richie has yet to throw the shade back Jenner's way, instead choosing to spend her time lounging casually between a Mercedes and a Range Rover.

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