A Comprehensive Guide To Harry Styles' Tattoos

Celebrities love tattoos. (Just take a look at Dr. Woo's roster of A-lister ink.) It's almost weekly that we hear about star-studded couples going in for matching designs or Justin Bieber adding yet another piece of artwork to his collection. But unlike other celebs who immediately take to social media before the bandage even goes on, Harry Styles' ink is so evasive, you'd never guess he had so many.

The 23-year-old is known for many things: his time as a member of One Direction, his resemblance to Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger, that hair. But super-fans might find Styles fascinating because he keeps a pretty low profile. And while we've come to terms with the fact that we'll probably never know who his songs are really about, or if he ever texts Zayn late at night when he can't sleep, at the very least, we can solve one mystery: his tattoos.

With approximately 50 designs and counting — a few from fellow singing Brit Ed Sheeran — we've mapped out the best in Styles' collection for your viewing pleasure. Click ahead to see them for yourself.

Illustrated by: Louisa Cannell.
Left Arm

1: Black heart

2: Coat hanger

3: Three nail marks

4: His sister's name ("Gemma") in Hebrew

5: "Can I stay?"

6: Guitar

7: Pirate ship

8: Silver fern

9: "Jackson" in cursive

10: Black rose
Illustrated by: Louisa Cannell.
Left Bicep

11: "NY LA LON"

12: Heart

13: Green Bay Packers logo

14: "You Booze, You Lose" and liquor bottle

15: "Late Late" (given to him on the Late Late Show with James Corden)
Illustrated by: Louisa Cannell.
Left Ribcage

39: Closed bird cage

40: "SMCL"

41: Two theater masks

42: "X"
Illustrated by: Louisa Cannell.
Left Underarm

16: "Hi"

17: Black star

18: "Won't stop 'til we surrender..."

19: "PINGU"

20: Cookie

21: Handshake
Illustrated by: Louisa Cannell.
Left Arm (Back)

22: Skeleton wearing a suit and fedora inside a photo frame

23: "Silver Spoon"

24: "Arlo"
Illustrated by: Louisa Cannell.
Left Forearm

25: Capital "R"

26: Mermaid

27: "Things I can't"

28: Holy Bible, to cover "Things I can't"
Illustrated by: Louisa Cannell.
Left Wrist

29: Cross

30: "I can change"

31: Padlock

32: "99p"

33: Key

34: Shamrock

35: Aquarius symbol

36: Anchor, to cover "I can change"
Illustrated by: Louisa Cannell.
Right Forearm

37: "Things I can"

38: Eagle, to cover "Things I can"
Illustrated by: Louisa Cannell.

43: "Never Gonna" on the right foot; "Dance Again" on the left
Illustrated by: Louisa Cannell.

44: Lowercase "g" on the right shoulder

45: Birth years "1957" (for his father Desmond Styles) and "1967" (for his mother Anne Twist)

46: Capital "A" on the left shoulder

47: "17Black"

48: Cross with capital "B" underneath

49: Two sparrows on both pectoral muscles

50: Butterfly

51: Two crosses above the letters "m" and "k"

52: Half of a broken heart
Illustrated by: Louisa Cannell.

53: Two large fern leaves

54: "Brasil!"

55: "Might as well..."
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