Lush's Holiday Bath Bombs Are Mesmerizing — & Here's Proof

The bath bomb drop is, by and large, the closest you can get to an altered state of hypnosis without a strange man swinging a pocket watch in front of your face. (Lace the orb with lavender oil, though, and you might start to hear you are getting very sleepy... deep in your subconscious.) Plus, if said bath bomb comes from fan-favorite brand Lush and is part of its 2017 holiday lineup, you can all but guarantee a full-blown trance.

At least, that's how most R29 staffers felt after trying the new collection. Whether shaped like a snow angel, mistletoe branch, or intricately wrapped present, it didn't matter — the moment this stuff hit in the water, we were instantly transfixed. Photographic evidence of the bath tub's most impressive magic trick, right this way...

Lush Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb, $7.75, available at Lush USA.
"I've always been a big fan of Lush's bath bombs, so I was stoked to try a new fizzy experience. Shoot For The Stars didn't disappoint. I dropped it in the bath and the water immediately turned bright blue, eventually turning into a deeper, opaque aquamarine color with swirls of gold glitter. It smells sweet like honey, a little citrus-y even, but it's not a cloying scent. My skin felt soft and moisturized after my bath and didn't have an oily residue.

"The little stars are the last thing to dissolve and hold most of the (environmentally friendly) glitter particles, which were easy to wash down the drain after. Thankfully, it didn't stain my tub — although a few of my cuticles were tinted after." – Lauren Thompson, senior editor, Snapchat Discover
Lush Christmas Sweater Bath Bomb, $7.95, available at Lush USA.
"There are few things in this life that are more enjoyable to me than submerging myself in hot water for an hour while I listen to podcasts and drink red wine. And when there's a bath bomb involved, I'm even more stoked. Usually, I go for Lush's aromatherapy-focused bombs — like Sex Bomb or Tisty Tosty. But this go around, I grabbed Christmas Sweater, which was unlike any other bomb I'd ever tried before.

"Instead of soothing jasmine or rose, Christmas Sweater was spiked with spicy scents. Cloves and cinnamon were the two I smelled the most, although there is apparently some lemon in there as well. The scent was interesting. It made for a more energizing bath instead of one that was more relaxing — a sensation I'd never experienced before. But the real winner for this bomb was the colors. Once I dropped it in, it turned my bathwater bright pink with Creamsicle-hued streaks. I enjoyed my princess bath for a full hour, and was almost sad to have to wash that gorgeous rose tone down the drain." — Maria Del Russo, senior sex & relationships writer
Lush Golden Wonder Bath Bomb, $7.75, available at Lush USA.
"This bath bomb really is the gift that keeps on giving. At first glance, it looks like a simple, Champagne-colored bath bomb, but when you toss it in the tub, the present releases ribbons of blue, green, and turquoise. After only a few minutes, my entire tub transformed into a bright shade of aquamarine. But it wasn't just the color that left me shocked and awed: The bath bomb also filled my bathroom with a sweet, lightly fruity scent." – Jen Anderson, editorial assistant
Lush Christmas Eve Bubble Bar, $7.95, available at Lush USA.
"Even though this didn't leave behind a mesmerizing swirl of colors in my tub — the reason being that it is a bubble bar, not a bath bomb — I did find the scent oddly hypnotizing. It's subtle and warm, certainly not as in-your-face as some of Lush's other options, and deeply relaxing. When I first plopped it into the water, nothing happened. Womp! But within 10 minutes, it looked like a dark sky with a cloud of bubbles before finally settling into this purple-ish color that looked just as dreamy as it smelled." — Kelsey Castañon, beauty news editor
Lush Luxury Lush Pud, $8.95, available in Lush stores only.
"Since this was my first time using a bath bomb, I was skeptical about trying it. I didn’t expect it to do anything other than stain my bathtub, but surprisingly, it left my skin feeling clean and smooth. The smell that emitted from the steaming water was sweet and rather soothing. The cool colors were an added bonus — it was the closest I've ever felt to being a unicorn." — Marcos Cortorreal, systems administrator
Lush The Magic Of Christmas, $8.95, available at Lush USA.
"This is one of the most aesthetically pleasing bubble bars... ever. It comes on a cinnamon stick with a freaking bell and an amazing scent of sweet orange. I originally thought it was a bath bomb and was admittedly bummed when it didn’t fizzle and dissolve before my very own eyes. But then the magical part happened: I used the wand to stir my bath and it created an orange hue in the water and bubbles. It'd make a great gift since it looks beautiful and you can reuse it, too." – Diana de Paula, campaign manager
Lush Plum Snow Bubble Bar, $12.95, available at Lush USA.
"If you're the kind of person who starts your winter celebrations the day after Halloween, this is the bubble bar for you — especially if you have a sweet tooth. It's scented just like a sugar plum and comes with bubbles galore and a gorgeous violent tint. 'Tis the season, am I right?" – Jen Anderson, editorial assistant
Lush Thundersnow Bath Bomb, $6.95, available at Lush USA.
"Now this shit is straight-up magic! It took all but .05 seconds from plopping Thundersnow into the water before it fizzed and released colorful ribbons of gold, blue, and white. To be completely honest, I can barely remember anything about the smell — just that it was pleasant — because I couldn't stop watching it twirl around in my tub. That, to me, is a successful bath." — Kelsey Castañon, beauty news editor
Lush Luxury Snow Angel Bath Melt, $7.95, available at Lush USA.
"This is by far one of the best bath bombs I've ever tried at Lush — and I've tried a lot. I'm a huge fan of the scents, but I often find the bath bombs to be too drying for my sensitive, dry skin. This bath bomb packs cocoa butter and rose — a combo that leaves your skin soft for days. And for anyone who doesn't love taking baths, this bath bomb would make for a killer foot soak." – Jen Anderson, editorial assistant
Lush Christmas Cracker Bubble Bar, $11.95, available at Lush USA.
"Things got off to a rocky start due to the fact that I didn’t look up what this product specifically was and I tried to use it as a bath bomb. It’s a bubble bar — a fact I learned after dropping it in a full tub of still water and getting zero results. Fast forward to me drawing a new bath, and things were back on track.

"It smelled like Pez! But in a good way. It was sweet, and I liked the novelty of it being a Christmas cracker. My only qualm is the fact that this is a pretty hefty bubble bar, but what you’re looking at is the maximum number of bubbles it produced in one go. Maybe this is my inner child speaking, but if I’m going to use an entire bubble bar, I want enough bubbles to make myself a foamy hat and then some. But other than that, it ticked all the boxes: Smelled nice, was moisturizing, and turned the bath water a fun orange color so you don’t have to see the reality of how grimy you really are." – Kathryn Lindsay, entertainment news writer
Lush Man In The Moon Bubble Bar, $12.95, available at Lush USA.
"This was my first time using a bath bomb and I have to say — it was pretty fun. It was yellow and blue in color, but when the water hit it changed into a slime green color with tons of bubbles. It had a citrusy fragrance, made my bathroom smell fantastic, and left my skin moisturized when I got out of the tub. It's definitely something I would try over and over... and over again." -Stephen McGeachy, lead support engineer
Lush Magic Wand Bubble Bar, $8.95, available at Lush USA.
"Every fan of millennial pink needs this product. For starters, it's the only pink bubble bar I've ever used that actually dyes my bath water a true pink. But it also has the most delightful scent — something between cotton candy and lollipops. The best part? The bubble bar can be reused two or three times, making it a reasonable investment for the holiday season." – Jen Anderson, editorial assistant
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