Lush's Holiday Bath Bombs Are Mesmerizing — & Here's Proof

The bath bomb drop is, by and large, the closest you can get to an altered state of hypnosis without a strange man swinging a pocket watch in front of your face. (Lace the orb with lavender oil, though, and you might start to hear you are getting very sleepy... deep in your subconscious.) Plus, if said bath bomb comes from fan-favorite brand Lush and is part of its 2017 holiday lineup, you can all but guarantee a full-blown trance.
At least, that's how most R29 staffers felt after trying the new collection. Whether shaped like a snow angel, mistletoe branch, or intricately wrapped present, it didn't matter — the moment this stuff hit in the water, we were instantly transfixed. Photographic evidence of the bath tub's most impressive magic trick, right this way...

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