Save Your Money This Halloween — 8 Costumes Using Stuff You Already Own

You either love Halloween and start planning for it on November 1 of the previous year, or you wait until the last-minute and hope the day passes by without any fanfare. If you're fall into the latter category, you're likely all too familiar with being roped into a party and having zero idea of what to wear. And the last thing you want to do is spend $49.95 on a polyester costume you'll never use again — especially after you wait 45 minutes in line.

To save yourself the Halloween heartache, let's take a look at our own closets, shall we? The frilly pink dress you haven't worn in two years or the white button-up that's part of your weekly rotation can easily get new life on All Hallow's Eve. And you might be surprised what you can come up with.

Ahead, we've rounded up some thought-starters that even the most last-minute costume planners can pull off. You may claim you're not a "Halloween person," but with these easy-to-master looks, anyone can make the holiday their own.

The Closet Item: A pink dress
The Costume: Eleven from Stranger Things
Grab a box of Eggos on your way to the party and you're set.
Sister Jane ace Dress with Embellished Collar, $68.00 Buy
The Closet Item: A conservative black dress
The Costume: Grace Coddington
We know you want to avoid the Halloween store, but seriously, all you need for this one is a long, curly orange wig and your copy of Grace: The Memoir.
Zara Poplin Dress, $119.00 Buy
The Closet Item: A white shirt
The Costume: Reese Witherspoon as Audrey Hepburn in Big Little Lies
If you really want to complete the look, add just add a sleep mask and some tassel earrings.
H&M Viscose Shirt, $17.98 Buy
The Closet Item: A slip dress
The Costume: Freudian Slip
Because you're just that punny. If you're feeling extra-crafty, add some examples by writing right on the dress itself.
MINKPINK Icon Slip Dress, $49.50 Buy
The Closet Item: A leather jacket
The Costume: Go, Greased Lightning
It doesn't get much easier than this.
VEDA Jayne Jacket, $946.00 Buy
The Closet Item: A trench coat
The Costume: Sherlock Holmes
No mystery gets passed you — including who ate the last Jolly Rancher at the Halloween Party.
Mango Houndstooth Trench, $129.99 Buy
The Closet Item: A blue jacket
The Costume: Bill Cunningham
Pay homage to the late street style photographer by wearing his signature look. Bring your camera along to document the night.
PUMA En Route Jacket , $34.99 Buy
The Closet Item: Anything black
The Costume: Black Friday
With a bunch of shopping bags in hand, an all-black outfit, and some running shoes, you're ready to find the best deals (a month early, of course).
Zella High Waist Leggings, $59.00 Buy
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