Where To Travel For The Prettiest Fall Foliage Outside New York City

Aside from apple picking and sipping pumpkin spice lattes, looking for foliage is probably our favorite activity in the fall. There's something about seeing leaves slowly change colors that perfectly embodies the magic of fall.

Central Park has a pretty impressive showing of autumn leaves, but you'll need to venture outside the city to have a proper frolic in a sea of red, gold, and yellow. States are not fooling around when it comes to tracking the changing leaves: States like New York, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut have gone as far as issuing fall color reports detailing the peak dates and locations to maximize foliage appreciation. We've picked five towns near NYC perfect for a leaf-peeping party. Just remember to pack a picnic.

Photo: Courtesy of New York Department of Economic Development.
Bear Mountain State Park, Hudson Valley, NY

This massive park is beautiful all year round, but seeing it in the fall will take your breath away. The rugged mountains form a stunning contrast with the sunset-colored forest. Combined with the reflection of the Hudson River, this is as Instagrammable of a view as it gets. The grounds are ideal for fishing, picnicking, or even a dip — if you can brave the chilly temperature.
Photo: Courtesy of Visit Bucks County.
Yardley, PA
Bucks County, Pennsylvania is packed with picture-perfect spots for foliage appreciation, such as this quaint and historic town. Lake Afton, the most scenic highlight of the area, is the loveliest around late October. Make sure to stop by the Vault Brewing Co. to sample some local ales and pick out some produce at Shady Brook Farm.
Photo: Courtesy of New York Department of Economic Development.
Letchworth State Park, Castile, NY

They don't call it "The Grand Canyon of The East" for nothing. The park's incredibly powerful gorge — flowing down 600 feet to three different waterfalls — is all the more spectacular when surrounded by rusty-colored leaves in the fall.
Photo: Courtesy of Visit Bucks County.
Newtown, PA

Historic bridges, serene lakes, amber foliage — Tyler State Park has got it all. The best spot to take in autumnal magic is Neshaminy Creek, a stream that runs through Bucks County in confluence with Delaware River. You can also rent a canoe, go on a bike ride, or simply wander around the woods to make the most of your afternoon.
Photo: Courtesy of Visit Connecticut.
Litchfield, CT

Come fall, this pretty town has got red and orange foliage for days. The best spot to take them all in is Mount Tom State Park, where you'll be rewarded a vantage over the whole picturesque town at the end of a one-mile hike. We'd also recommend stopping by the area's top-notch vineyards: The Haight-Brown Vineyard offers delicious wine, cheese, and chocolate tastings for under $20 a pop.
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