7 Workout Hacks Used By Bachelor Contestants

If the walls of the Bachelor Mansion could talk, they would probably have a lot to say. What goes down inside the hallowed halls is supposed to be a mystery, but Bachelor fans are always thirsty for information about what the contestants really do when the cameras aren't rolling. Every now and then, contestants spill the tea and provide logistical details about the show that shatter everyone's perception of what the "journey" really entails. For example, the contestants apparently eat dinner before the one-on-one date, and that's why they never touch the food on the actual date. Mind-blowing, right?

The other normal human activity you rarely witness the participants do is exercise. Believe it or not, there's no gym in the Bachelor Mansion, according to Buzzfeed. Sure, the contestants might be able to squeeze in some physical activity, like mud wrestling, during a kooky group date, but otherwise, they have to get creative. You might remember Chad from JoJo's season performing pull-ups at the mansion with a 60-pound suitcase strapped to his waist, and that's not the only MacGyvering they've done. As legend has it, there's a worn-down track in the yard from contestants running laps to kill time, according to Buzzfeed.

These workout hacks might sound bizarre, but if don't have a gym, they're actually genius. Ahead are a few ideas for how to work out at home, whether you're stuck in a Bachelor Mansion with dozens of other people, or just watching The Bachelorette alone at home.

The workout: Total Ab Workout

Why it's great: Contestants are given a Bachelor-branded yoga mat when they arrive at the mansion, according to the New York Post. And all you need for this ab workout is a yoga mat — though it doesn't have to be branded. (But if you're in a pinch, you could definitely sub in a towel for a yoga mat.)
The workout: 30-Minute No Equipment Upper Body Workout

Why it's great: You need a towel for some of these moves, which is pretty much a necessity anyway, given how much pool time they have at the Bachelor Mansion.
The workout: Broomstick Pilates

Why it's great: Some Pilates instructors utilize a broomstick during their workouts, so they can adjust their alignment, or deepen certain stretches. Hopefully there's a broom (and lots of other cleaning supplies) somewhere in the mansion.
The workout: Whole Body Wine Bottle Workout

Why it's great: They drink a lot of wine on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, so there's probably a few hundred bottles lying around. For this 2-minute barre workout, you'll just need one bottle of wine.
The workout: The 5-Minute Partner Workout

Why it's great: Even though, technically, they're all competing against one another, it's always so cute to see how friendships develop between cast members. This partner workout requires no equipment, so it can be squeezed in before a rose ceremony.
The workout: HIIT for Beginners

Why it's great: Don't knock walking in-place until you've tried it. For this workout, you'll march and step in place for a solid 25 minutes, and it actually counts as a HIIT workout. If you don't have a treadmill, or a yard to run laps in, try this.
The workout: Pilates Cardio

Why it's great: You use two water bottles instead of weights for this workout. It's about an hour long, and works your entire body.
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