Drake Took His Cousin To Prom & The Pictures Are Fantastic

Photo: Jeff Vespa/WireImage.

Most prom nights are pretty unforgettable, even if Drake doesn't show up. That last hurrah with your high school besties is one for the books.

But, one high school student, who just happens to be Drake's cousin, took prom to the next level with her plus one. Champagne Papi himself!

Jalaah, who, based on her Twitter bio, lives in Memphis (via Canada, of course) attended Fairley High School senior prom last night with two dates. One, a handsome young man whose gold sequined jacket matched Jalaah's straight up gorgeous gold gown, and the other was Drake, who wore all black everything except a single gold chain. Social media comments claim she is Drizzy's cousin on his father's side.

Having two prom dates is not a bad way to make an entrance.

Drake didn't just take a quick photo with his cousin. He took the time to hang with other students and take photos. Love how much of a good time he looks like he's having.

Drake wisely embraced his third wheel status and took a photo of the cute couple, which he shared on his Instagram account, of course.

Of course, he was there for the front porch photo with family looking on because if mom and dad don't get pictures, it wouldn't be prom.

We're happy to see Drake having a good time with his family. His life has been kinda crazy lately. His rumored relationship with Jennifer Lopez either ended or never began. He ran into ex and longtime crush Rihanna at a child's birthday party of all places. Not only that, but he was apparently racially profiled while attending Coachella.

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