This Drag Queen Recreates '90s Cartoons — & It’s Everything

RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant and overall human work of art Phi Phi O’Hara spent 2016 completing an epic project. It was called 365 Days of Drag. That's exactly what it sounds like, but just to clarify: O'Hara debuted a new drag look for each day of the year. (Except Leap Day, of course.)

All of her looks were fantastic (and showcase her impressive makeup skills), but her series of '90s cartoon characters really caught our eye. First up, naturally, is Daria, everyone's favorite dry, deadpan high school outcast.

And next, all three of The Powerpuff Girls.

Also an excellent niche pick: Oblina of Aaahh!!! Real Monsters.

Her Rugrats looks were also insanely on point.

But we’re suckers for all of her looks. Here's another amazing one — a throwback to Animaniacs.

Phi Phi's 365-day count may have come to an end as we ushered in 2017, and we miss her daily updates terribly. But we'll always have her archives, not to mention this incredible supercut of the entire process. Enjoy! (We know we will.)

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