Powerpuff Girls-Themed Makeup Is The Collection We Never Knew We Needed

We may not have realized it back then, but The Powerpuff Girls was the feminist cartoon ‘90s babies needed. Think about it: Three badass kindergarteners, each with totally different but equally awesome personalities, use their superpowers to protect the city of Townsville against monsters and villains. The girls were practically the Joan(s) of Arc of Cartoon Network. So, it was only a matter of time before the pint-sized superheroes inspired an equally formidable line of beauty products. According to PopSugar, the Korean beauty pros at Peripera launched the comprehensive (and clearly adorable) line late last year, and we’re not sure how we missed it. With cushion foundations, eyeshadow palettes, lip stains, and nail stickers among the endless offerings, these girly goodies are enough to inspire you to be your most kickass self. With a side of sugar, spice, and everything nice, of course.
We’re sad to report that Peripera’s collection is only available for purchase in Korea right now, but if you simply cannot live without owning at least one cheek stain with Buttercup’s face on it, you might not be completely out of luck. eBay is pretty well-stocked with the stuff, and you can find a couple on Amazon, too. However, make sure you understand the risks of buying beauty products from unauthorized retailers, which is that they could end up being counterfeit iterations. The aftermath of such can be potentially dangerous — as in, Mojojo-level dangerous — so be careful out there.

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