Celebs Love These Hilarious Throwback Beauty Products, Too

Photo: Lauren/Variety/REX/Shutterstock.
Many of us have bought beauty products we've never used. Maybe it was a glitter-flecked eyeshadow from ninth grade that you never managed to wear. Or maybe it was that errant bottle of candy-scented body wash that's still languishing in your medicine cabinet. Hey, no judgment here. I once owned Justin Bieber's original fragrance, Girlfriend, back in 2012. (And you know what? I still like the smell.)
So I know how it feels to dig up long-neglected beauty products or impulse purchases from the hidey-holes beneath my bed, and it feels super-nostalgic. And celebrities, like us, can have the same tendencies — and we love them for their relatability.
Ahead, click through to see which throwback beauty products stars love — then let us know if you've owned any of them.

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