Lush Is Adding Some Magic To Your Valentine's Day Plans

Traditionally speaking, you either love Valentine's Day or you don't. If you're in a relationship, you're probably more inclined to book dinner reservations, get a gift, and have a red lipstick picked out for the evening. But if you're single as fuck — or the holiday just isn't your thing — your plans might look totally different. For those falling in the latter camp, allow us to introduce you to Lush's latest collection... which includes a bath bomb the size of a softball.
That's right: On January 19, the brand is launching a new version of its Rose Bath Bomb that's three times (!) its usual size. But just in case you needed more convincing to stay at home that night, it's also packed with rose petals, rose absolute, and rose oil. Drop it in the tub and watch it explode into a shower of rose petals, with Sicilian lemon and floral geranium oil scents.
In addition to the gigantic bath bomb, you'll be able to find a variety of new, and some old, products worthy of some love — 15 in total. If you're like supermodel Linda Evangelista, use your "shabower" to rub down with the new Tender Is The Night Shower Cream or the Cherish Body Scrub. Or embrace the Valentine's Day theme with Love Boat and a new pink Titsy Totsy Bath Bomb. Whatever you decide, make sure you treat yourself this year — because if you won't, then who will?