The Stories Behind These Lush Products Are Just As Good As Its Bath Bombs

Lush is known for many things. It’s the U.K. brand that made bath bombs mainstream, the store that makes shopping for soap a magical experience, and the company behind some of the most loyal employees in the biz. But we wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t know the back stories of each of its products. (Most times, we can barely keep up with how to use them.) After hearing a rumor that one of our favorite bath bombs was inspired by an old English love spell, we decided to do a little more digging — and what we found is too good to ignore.
It's not unusual for a beauty product to have a cool history — some of our favorite polishes, blushes, and lipsticks have some cheeky back stories, after all. But considering our love for baths and at-home spa treatments, we just had to know how and why, exactly, our favorite Lush goods were created. (Especially after seeing first-hand how each one was made during a visit to the factory.) So what did we discover? Well, it turns out most bath bombs, melts, and massage bars started from a specific inspired idea. Click through to check out the stories, ahead. But be prepared: You might just end up loving Lush even more after hearing it all.