20 Trends To Buy For The Year Ahead

The start of a new year inevitably brings with it an entire collection of fashion trends to try to get ahead of. But before we look ahead to 2018, it's time to take inventory of the 2017 pieces you've yet to buy — and determine which ones are still worth investing in.
With these, we're not talking your typical wardrobe essentials: We're talking about the items that defined the year; the ones that dominated the runways, trickled down to fast-fashion, and infiltrated store shelves across the globe. These are the trends that will have a lasting effect on the industry, meaning they're almost guaranteed to have staying power as the new year commences.
From the power suits that helped women reclaim their power to the orthopedic-style sneakers that saved our feet during Fashion Month, these are the 20 items that bubbled to the top of the trend charts and will likely be sticking around in 2018 (and beyond).