21 Ways To Have A Seriously Sexy Halloween

Photographed by Lula Hyers.
For a lot of people, Halloween means standing in line outside of a bar, shivering in a costume that looks hot, but feels cold. And while the thought of skipping the freaky festivities may give you a serious case of FOMO, there's a case to be made for staying in on All Hallow's Eve. Whether you're solo or partnered up, there are plenty of ways to inject that spooky spirit into your sex life.
From costumes that double as role-playing characters, to Fleshlights that resemble Frankenstein, your Halloween celebration doesn't have to be spent out in the cold — and it doesn't have to end on October 31, either. Ahead, find a bunch of toys, tips, and tricks that will bring Halloween into your bedroom activities. Who said you'd never use that sexy nurse costume again?
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The scales on this dragon-shaped dildo make for some serious stimulation.

Bad Dragon Meng Dildo, $105, available at Bad Dragon.
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Chocolate is one of the tastier pieces of Halloween candy we used to get while trick-or-treating — and now it makes for an easy way to try out some fun food play.

Hershey's Chocolate Syrup, $10.54, available at Amazon.
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Rework your naughty nurse costume to help live out your nurse/patient or doctor/nurse role-playing fantasies.

Sexy White Nurse Costume, $34.95, available at Yandy.
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Not all spells have to be scary. This Lusty Sex spells kit claims to help bring virility and stamina into your sack sessions.

Lusty Sex 7-Day Candle Spell Kit, $50, available at The Vodou Store.
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Even though the full moon isn't technically until a few days after Halloween, you can still engage in some full moon sex rituals to tap into your primal side. From getting it on outdoors to engaging in group sex, there are a handful of techniques to get you howling.
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If Halloween coincides with your or your partner's time of the month, it could be a great opportunity for you to play around with some period sex. Nervous about staining your sheets? Toss down a dark towel, which also happens to match the Halloween aesthetic.

Hayneedle Ultraspun Soft Absorbant Towel Set, $30.20, available at Walmart.
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Pop in some faux fangs and indulge your vampire fetish.

Realistic Vampire Fangs, $9.99, available at Party City.
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Some people love a little latex as part of their of BDSM play, and this girdle dress makes for a sexy costume to wear during your Halloween play session.

Rubber Girl Latex Wear Mini Dress with Suspenders, $25, available at Lovehoney.
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Bring your kink for tentacle porn into the real world with this squid-shaped sex toy.

Bad Dragon Ika Dildo, $55, available at Bad Dragon.
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The naughty school girl is a classic role-playing character.

Sexy Red White Plaid Print Schoolgirl Costume, $25, available at Ami Clubwear.
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Test-drive some temperature play with this trio of Halloween-colored candles.

Bondage Studio Set of 3 Medium Wax Play Studio, $32, available at Etsy.
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If you're into humiliation play, have the submissive partner dress up like a pig — this butt plug with a corkscrew tail is all the costume you'll need.

Pig Tail Butt Plug, $48, available at Black Rabbit.
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Sometimes, all you need is a wig to indulge in your role-playing fantasies. Pretend to be a stranger just meeting your partner for the first time on Halloween.

Blonde Bombshell Wig Adult Halloween Accessory, $18.98, available at Walmart.
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Butt plugs with tails are a fun way to add some flair to your anal play.

Lavender Love Pony Tail Butt Plug Synthetic Tail, $64.99, available at The Kink Factory.
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If pony tails aren't your speed, fox tails can be a fun, furry accessory for your butt plug.

Frisky Faux Fox Tail Vibrating Silicone Butt Plug, $47.99, available at Lovehoney.
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This all-in-one bondage set is perfect for those just dipping their toes into BDSM.

Frisky Tame Me 8 Piece Bondage Set, $69.95, available at Adam & Eve.
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Flying solo on Halloween? This love spell kit could help you land a partner by the end of the night.

Roots And Veins Love Smudge Spell Kit, $14, available at Etsy.
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Bondage tape is a less expensive way to play around with BDSM, and can be used in a ton of different ways. Just make sure to have scissors nearby to snip yourself out.
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Yes, Frankenstein Fleshlights exist.

Fleshlight Freaks Frankenstein Fleshlight, $72.95, available at Fleshlight.
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There's a reason a French maid costume is a classic in role-playing...

Fancy French Maid Costume, $19.99, available at Yandy.
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If your partner has a penis, slip a sheath over their package to turn it into a dragon penis.

Bad Dragon Crackers' Sheath, $60, available at Bad Dragon.
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