30+ White Boots That'll Stand Out In A Sea Of Black Ones

Trends, by their very nature, are tricky to lock down and predict their lifespan. Some trends are subjected to die out within a season, some stick around for the long haul and evolve into a generational classic, and some make a living off of many comebacks. White boots captured the hearts of the fashion industry tenfold this year. From Tibi's gotta-have-it kitten heel bootie to every model off duty's chosen footwear, few fashion influencer feet escaped a white boot in the last few months. Steve Madden even created a bright white bootie named "The Editor."
But try to tell me white boots were a passing summer fancy and I'll hit you with a photo of Kaia Gerber strutting down Off-White's runway just last week. While Kaia alone could convince us that ivory shoes are about to become an addition to our closet, it's the runway's Princess Di (read peak '80s and '90s fashion) tribute that reminds us this trend is far from new - and far from a passing fad. If you're going to hop on a trend train, might as well choose one that's proven it has a decent lifespan every time it's made a comeback. Besides, we can only spend so long celebrating fall's ubiquitous shoe style. A crisp white boot is a welcome breath of fresh air in a season bogged down by the classic black boot. For 30 options to try, forge on ahead.
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appearance by Annie Georgia Greenberg; edited by Christopher Michael Beer; shot by Ed Herrera; shot by Jack Pearce.
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