Anthony Scaramucci Thinks He's The Arya Stark Of Washington

Photo: Scott Kowalchyk/CBS.
And we thought Anthony Scaramucci couldn't say anything more surprising than what the New Yorker has already printed.
The former White House Communications Director appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Monday — and he had plenty of interesting things to say.
"I'm like Arya Stark, I took a list of all your comedy writers for my kill list," Scaramucci said to Colbert.
Wait, what?
Colbert responded with a quick clarification, asking if Scaramucci was "comedically threatening to kill the people who work" on the Late Show.
"I'm not allowed to joke anymore, I've learned that," Scaramucci said.
Obviously, he's not actually planning to kill the Late Show writers. But given everything that's gone on with the current administration in recent weeks, talking about a "kill list" a strange "joke" to make.
Still, Scaramucci went back to the Game of Thrones reference at the end of the interview.
"I'm Arya Stark with the comedy writers but a Lannister with my debts," he said to Colbert.
Scaramucci also joked about the fact that he served as White House Communications Director for less than two weeks.
"When you take a job like that, you know your expiration date is coming. I didn't think I would last too long, but I thought I'd last longer than like a carton of milk," Scaramucci said to Colbert. "If you bought your eggs and you were cooking them the day I got fired, it was totally fine, right?"
Believe it or not, though, Scaramucci's not the first one to compare himself to Arya. A quick Twitter search reveals that several people made the same joke last month.
Watch the full segment on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, below.
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