How Far Along Is Arya Stark On Her Game Of Thrones Kill List?

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
In a show full of killers, Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) has proven to be one of Game Of Thrones' most deadly characters. In fact, the teen has left a trail of bodies behind her stretching from Westeros to Essos. And that trail is only about to get bigger, with the final episodes of Game of Thrones ahead of us.
At the heart of Arya's long list of slayings is her infamous kill list, which she used to recite every night. Now that the youngest Stark daughter is no longer trying to convince the acolytes of the House Of Black And White she's “No One,” the kill list is back in full force.
But, it's easy to forget who's on Arya's kill list and how exactly they got there. To help you fully understand GoT final's final six episodes, we put together the complete explainer on all the people who are unlucky enough to be on the list, how they wronged Arya, and whether she's offed them just yet. Scroll through the gallery to get all the bloody details. We recommend you pray to The Seven your name isn't on here.

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