A Guide To The Many Religions On Game Of Thrones

Helen Sloan/courtesy of HBO
Game of Thrones exists in a far deeper, wider, more complicated universe than even a network as devoted as HBO can explore within eight seasons. That’s why so much of watching Game of Thrones feels like you’re learning on the fly. For example, you’d need an entire article to understand why Oberyn Martell demand an apology from the Mountain, and got his head bashed in as a result.
When it comes to understanding the society of Westeros and beyond, religion is as important as bristly family trees. Game of Thrones has religions devoted to stallions in the sky, a secret cult devoted to death, and prophecies up the wazoo. At the beginning of the show, religion was vaguely alluded to — mentions of the Old Gods here and there; Septa Mordane chiding a sassy Sansa. But with red priestesses bringing Jon Snow to life and the Sept taking control over King’s Landing, we can’t put off our theology lessons any longer.
If you’re going to understand the political maneuverings this season, you might as well get a grip on its underlying value system. It’s time to figure out what Melisandre is the priestess of, anyway.
So, hold tight. Here’s the Game of Thrones Theology 101 course you seriously should’ve gotten years ago.
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