This Game Of Thrones Fan Drew An Amazing Targaryen Family Tree

Lots of Game of Thrones fan theories hinge on relationships to the Targaryens, no matter how fringe. There’s this one, that says Jon Snow is a Targaryen. Or this one, that puts Tyrion as part of that illustrious line. So who are the Targaryens? And how are they all related? We’ll admit to occasionally being just as flummoxed by the twisted family trees that make up Game of Thrones as the next person. Thankfully, 27-year-old French freelance artist and video game developer Maryon B. is here to help with an extremely detailed and illustrated family tree. "I actually started the Tree out of spite because all their descriptions (and fan representations) make them look the same — beautiful, silver-haired and purple eyes," she told Vox via email, "and it frustrated me to see them as elf-clones." The artist drew 100 Targaryens during the project. That spans from Old Valyria, the original seat of the house, through the War of the Usurper. The Targaryens used the force of their dragons to rule over the Seven Kingdoms for 300 years. The tree includes zoomed in sections that focus on some of the house’s most famous and favorite branches. Here’s the most relevant branch to Game of Thrones, including Daenerys.
And here, one more relevant to George R. R. Martin devotees.
"[I]n the end it made me appreciate House Targaryen much more since now I share a personal story with each and every one of them, and I would suggest anyone who likes Game of Thrones to be curious about them because they have a lot of stories to tell," Maryon tells Vox. Check out the entire family tree below.

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