These Red Lipsticks Have The Boyfriends Of Twitter Very Confused

Boyfriends, am I right? Great for some things, terrible for others. (Which is actually the case for every person ever, but just go with us on this.) Not to make sweeping generalizations, but as a group, boyfriends are not known for their expertise in all things beauty — they think Beautyblenders are makeup brushes, for Christ’s sake. So it’s not surprising that they’re unable to recognize the difference between two clearly very different red lipsticks… but it is hilarious.
Twitter user @poeticting posted a photo recently that had every significant other of someone who doesn’t know a damn thing about makeup saying, “So true.” The tweet showed two tubes of Milani liquid lipstick in similar — but not the same! — shades of red. “Men will deadass tell you these two are the same color,” she captioned the image. For anyone in doubt, she also included photographic proof that they were not, in fact, the same color. (The world does not need another variation of The Dress.)
To be fair, the two reds might look exactly alike to anyone but the most discerning of beauty enthusiasts. But for any makeup lover/fanatic who’s ever found themselves struggling to justify why they need to own 40 shades of red lipstick in varying undertones and finishes, this insight is spot on. The best part? All the women who followed up with their boyfriends’ clueless reactions to the conundrum in question.
So thanks, boyfriends of Twitter, for giving us all a good laugh at your expense. It was a letdown for me personally to find that my domestic partner passed the test. I guess I should be proud, but it also means I have no reason to make fun of him aside from the fact that he sometimes eats bacon sandwiches for dinner several nights in a row.
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