The Comeback Trend We Probably Won't See Selena Gomez Wearing

When it comes to what fashion trends work for us, we learn from test-driving new styles and seeing how they play out in our wardrobe. That's as true of the one random skirt we added to our cart to dabble in the flounce-hem revival (and to meet that delivery minimum) as it is for celebrities in the ongoing trial-and-error realities of having red carpet after red carpet on the docket. Selena Gomez has given many a trend its day in the sun: tinted sunglasses, sheer bodysuits, concert merch — based on her varied repertoire, it seems like she'll try out any garment at least once. Over time, she's evolved her preferences, as well as a pretty solid of understanding of what trends she's not so keen on. While being quizzed for the latest installment of Vogue's "73 Questions" series, Gomez revealed that she may never let go of her skinny jeans, but you probably won't see her wearing shoulder pads anytime soon.

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Knowing viewers would be interested in what the most followed person on Instagram is digging in terms of fashion, Vogue asked Gomez to name both her favorite and least favorite trends. As far as the piece of clothing that never lets her down, the singer said with conviction: "Skinny jeans." However, when it came down to a trend she'd tried but felt let down by, Gomez took a more disappointed tone to utter: "Shoulder pads."
Her dislike of sculpted shoulders isn't limited to the confines of her personal wardrobe, either: Gomez went so far as to call this the trend she hopes will never come back. Guess we can cross Anthony Vaccarello's Saint Laurent off the designers-to-pull-from list for Gomez's stylist, Kate Young. Judging from the stylist's Instagram, though, it seems Gomez is partial to another trend that's no less eye-catching than the padded shoulders: bright red accents. (In the "73 Questions" bit, she's wearing a scarlet open-front knit by Victor Glemaud.)
You can watch Gomez's full interview with Vogue, below.

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